5 Wedding Checklist Tasks You Cannot Forget


If you are a movie buff, you’ll know that the weddings in Hollywood films are the stuff dreams are made of, and at least on celluloid, they come true. So when the wedding bells start ringing for you, you desperately try to match up to those impossible standards. Yeah, if only you had a major production house bankrolling your wedding. The thing is there are 5 Wedding Checklist Tasks You Cannot Forget

Leaving aside the fantasies, an awesome wedding is as much about planning as it is about celebrations. Hence, it’s vital to have your wedding checklist ready so that you can plan and execute things in advance and ensure that your guests, families and you are having a good time.
The average span of time from engagement to a wedding in the US is 16 months. While that might seem enough, you never know how it will pass, what with all the bookings, planning and management to be done. So here, we present to you the most essential 5 Wedding Checklist Tasks You Cannot Forget before D-Day.

    Before all the planning begins, decide on an amount that you’ll be spending for your wedding. That decides what will and won’t be a part of your wedding. Be a little flexible about it, but don’t go overboard and don’t be miserly either. Work with your partner and decide things on a consensus. What ultimately matters is the happiness of the both of you.

    It’s your big day and hence, who gets to be a part of it is critical. Plan your guest list in advance so that you don’t miss out on anyone important. We know, there are a hundred other things on your mind, and it’s possible to skip out on a few people. But take out time and create your guest list by including everyone who comes to your mind. You can always edit it later.

    If you have seen the Anne Hathaway- Kate Hudson starrer Bride Wars, you’ll know the importance of booking a venue on time. Coordinate with the site manager closely and ensure you get the best dates for your wedding. Consider the availability of your near and dear ones while deciding on the dates. If any of your acquaintances has had a wedding or been to one at the venue, it’s always beneficial to take some feedback from them.

    Remember the saying; the way to a man’s heart goes through his stomach? Well, that sounds accurate especially when it comes to your wedding. And that’s when your caterers come into the picture. Set up a meeting around a month or two before your wedding and seal your menu. Have a tasting session before you do so. Initially, check with the venue manager if they offer a catering service. If not, look for other caterers.
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    What other occasion is more suitable for you to seem like a million bucks than your wedding! You increase the intensity of your workout sessions, and you keep tabs on what you eat and ensure you stay hydrated, just to fit perfectly into that wedding dress, right? Well, keep having those dress fitting sessions from time to time to ensure you are not expanding horizontally. It’s best to have your (hopefully) last dress fitting session a month before your wedding.

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