Fabulously Fun Wedding Games!

From cornhole to mad lib marriage advice, you can really amp up the “fun” at your wedding reception. From jiggy dance moves to hilarious wedding advice, you can really give your guests (and you!) something to remember! There are tons of different, enjoyable wedding games that you could incorporate in your reception time frame, so do your research and choose the ones that seem most appealing to you!

Indoor Games: If your reception is inside, you obviously want to choose indoor-friendly activities. Some game ideas include:

  • Mad-Lib Wedding: This game is awesome for a funny twist to the made lib game. Incorporate wedding-themed sentences and then let your guests fill in the blanks! This will create lots of laughter for both you and the mad-libbers!
  • Anniversary Advice: If you have numbered tables, this is a great game for you! At each table, have your guests write a word of advice for you to read on your coordinating wedding anniversary. For example, guests at table 5 would write advice for you to read on your 5th anniversary.
  • The Shoe Game: My husband and I played this game out our wedding and it was so much fun! It had both of us and all the guests rolling with laughter. From goofy to romantic, you can select various types of questions for your DJ to ask. For example, a few questions include:
    • Who made the first move?
    • Who’s the spendthrift in the relationship?
    • Who’s routinely the late one?
    • Who’s most likely to get lost? (Unfortunately, we both raised my boot to this question!)
    • Who dresses better?
Bride & Groom Shoe Game by Anthony Carpenter

Bride & Groom Shoe Game by Anthony Carpenter

Outdoor Games: Try for a few fun and exciting games, ones that get people up and moving around. For example, a couple great games to consider include:

  • Yard Cornhole: Make it wedding themed by incorporating your wedding colors, putting you and your spouse’s silhouette on the boards, or by painting wedding bands on the board. Make it personal and get creative!
  • Ring Toss: This is a fabulous game for weddings. You could have a lot of fun with this one by turning the “rings” into wedding rings by adding a wooden diamond to them. Personalize and have fun!

With a few fabulous wedding games, you can really spice up the atmosphere! From dancing and cornhole to mad-lib and shoe games, you’ll have your guests enjoying every minute of your wedding!

A Vintage Wedding

Close your eyes, step back in time, and envision lace, calligraphy, pastels and old leather suitcases. Vintage styled everything is absolutely ravishing! From fashionable and chic dresses to dainty tea cups and lace doilies, I can’t help but reminisce about the old times! Having a vintage-styled wedding is a fantastic way to gather up the past and weave it together with a bright and beautiful future! With a few styling tips and tricks, you can pull off a gorgeous vintage wedding that incorporates the beauty of the old with the splendor of a new chapter!

Colors: When you’re going for a vintage look, you’ll want to keep it soft and subtle – nothing harsh and overdramatic. Remember, this is reminiscent of days gone past, so you want to give it that ethereal, whispery feel. Try pastel colors, such as minty-greens, baby pinks, soft yellows, and various shades of cream. Incorporate the colors in all your decorations, your bridal party attire, and everything else.

Decorations: This is my favorite part! There are many cool ways to incorporate vintage-styled decoration pieces in your wedding without having to pay a hefty price tag. Here are just a few simple ideas for you to consider when looking for decorations!

Vintage Tea Cup by Gemma Morgan

Vintage Tea Cup by Gemma Morgan

  • Old Fashioned: One man’s trash is another man’s treasure. When shopping for vintage items, try shopping at thrift stores, yard/garage sales, antique stores, and mom & pop warehouses. You’ll find the greatest items at the cheapest prices.
  • Decoration Ideas: For centerpieces, guest sign-in tables, and general decorations, try looking for old vases, china tea cups, leather suitcases, old picture frames, and anything that speaks of aged, classy elegance.
  • Maximized Disorganization: Here’s where the fun begins! With a vintage styled wedding, you don’t have to worry about organized perfection. Try using different (but coordinated) centerpieces at each table. Give your reception area a touch of organized disorganization!
  • Materials: For your reception tables, try lace and doilies! A friend of mine sewed several different doily pieces together and used them as table runners. This created one of the most beautiful effects I’ve ever seen.
  • True Vintage: Give off an “antique impression” first hand by sending off vintage-styled wedding invitations. For example, you could go for old fashioned card stock that’s been tea-stained and a font that is reminiscent of 1920’s handwriting.

For a true vintage wedding, go for soft, old, and lacey! Give your wedding the perfect touch with a few gorgeous antique items!

A Step Back in Time- Traditional Weddings

Elegance, sophistication, and reminiscent of days gone by; a traditional wedding is perfect for incorporating the old with the new, a page being turned to the next chapter, and past memories being coupled with fresh ones. Going traditional seems to be lost in the glimmer of original, rustic, and modern weddings, but with just the right tips and tricks you can easily recreate the most romantic and reminiscent traditional wedding around!

Tips & Ideas: In order to have a true traditional wedding, you have to keep everything, well, traditional! This includes food, attire, and even music. Here are just a few tips for you to consider when planning your fabulous wedding!

  • The Menu: What are some food items that you come up with right away when you think of old-fashioned meals? Meat, potatoes, and veggies of course! Here is a simple menu list you can start with.
    • Meat: Grilled or baked chicken is a popular meat for just about anyone! Also, pork chops or some kind of beef is great too.
    • Veggies: Have an array of veggies, such as green beans, carrots, squash, or anything else.
    • Fruit: Chocolate covered strawberries could double as a dessert and fruit entrée! (Try going for fruits – and veggies – that are in season to help keep the budget down.)
    • Side Dishes: potatoes and gravy, a salad, or whatever else you can think of are great as side dishes.
  • Attire: Think of veils, uniformity, and class! With a traditional wedding, you want to keep everyone looking the same – you as the bride become the main focal point, standing out among the rest!
    Happy Bride by Jason Mayes

    Happy Bride by Jason Mayes

    • Bride’s Attire: A veil, white ball gown dress, pearls or diamonds, and prim and proper hair are perfect for traditional wedding attire. Classy elegance is what you’re going for!
    • Bridal Party Attire: Men should wear traditional black tuxedos with white button up shirts, and the women should wear matching bridesmaid gowns. Keep it uniform!
  • Music: When you think wedding music, you automatically think of the Wedding March and disco tunes! Try to go for your traditional entrance music, but pick a First Dance song that is meaningful for you and your spouse. Although you want it traditional, you’ll want to keep it personal as well.

With a traditional wedding, you want to make sure that everything is uniform and reminiscent of yesterday’s elegance. Old-fashioned weddings don’t have to be a thing of the past – make your traditional-styled wedding a unique and memorable event!

Limited Guest List: How to Tailor Your Invitations

For those of you who have limited space at your ceremony and venue location(s), you have to have a smaller wedding. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to decide who should attend and who should not. Let’s be honest – you don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings, but there’s nothing you can really do about the space issue. Another clincher – you don’t have room for everyone to bring their kids. It might seem like a sticky situation, but luckily there’s a cordial way of tailoring your guest list.

Some of you may only want an intimate wedding, requiring a specified guest list. If you’re not sure how to modify the list, here are just a few tips and ideas for you to consider.

The Guest List by Wade Kelly

The Guest List by Wade Kelly

How To: By following a few simple steps, you can easily avoid confusion and maybe even hurt feelings. Be blunt, but cordial!

  • Invitations: Here’s where you start with the limitations. A few suggestions include the invitation list and a proper “no kids allowed” notation.
    • You and your fiancé need to sit down and really decide on who to invite. Pick a few of your closest, dearest friends, and invite your closest family members. This is not the time to invite estranged, distant, and not-so-close relatives and acquaintances!
    • At the very bottom of your invitation or on an RSVP card, note in a very cordial manner, “Respectfully, An Adult Occasion” or you can address it specifically to those you want at the wedding and reception.
  • Word of Mouth: Sometimes this works, sometimes it doesn’t. Depending on how receptive and considerate your guests may be, sometimes spreading the word that “no kids are allowed” at your wedding goes over pretty well. Other times, not everyone gets the word. Instead of relying on one method, try both specified invitations and word of mouth. This can ease potential headaches and issues.

Remember: This is your wedding day, and if you only have so much room to work with, than that’s that. The key is to make sure everyone is aware of the limited space and the “no children” rule. Always be kind, considerate, and firm. Don’t let people walk all over you and change your mind. Be respectful, but keep in mind that this is your special day, not theirs. So just be sure to go over the guest list, double/triple/quadruple check, and then make sure the rules are known!

A Modern Wedding

Sleek elegance, crisp lines, and bold colors are what makes for perfect modernity. For the perfect modern wedding, the same rules apply. You can do a lot with the decorations, the theme, and the wedding attire, making a contemporary wedding superb for the modern-day bride! With a few tips and tricks, you can easily pull of a flawless ceremony and reception!

Decorating Tips: Modernity in and of itself is crisp and clean, so make sure to keep this in mind when selecting centerpieces and tableware. Bold accent colors and decorations thrown into the mix will really help to pull off the perfect modern theme.

Crisp and Clean:

  • Start with clean, crisp, straight lined invitations. Bold, black lettering on a crisp white invite will help to give your guests an idea of what to expect.
  • Another idea is to go for bold black and white strips, accented with polka dots. For example, have black and white striped table cloths and your seating cards printed on white paper with colored (or black) polka dots. This gives a fun, flirty, modern twist to your table decorations. Polka dots and stripes are chic, classy, elegant, and fun. For a personal touch giving testament to your bubbly personality, this is the perfect option!


  • Black and white should be the main color scheme, but add bold pops of color to really vamp up the style. For example, on the bride and groom table, throw in a couple bouquets of bright, bold and beautiful flowers to really accentuate and enhance the décor.
  • A few fantastic modern colors are gold, silver, orange, purple, and any other bright hued colors that you love! For a gold accent color, use gold vases, gold napkin rings, gold-lined plates, or anything else you can think of.


  • Baby’s breath is elegant, chic, and modern. You could go for simple baby’s breath bouquets for your bridesmaids or even for reception area centerpieces.
  • Roses are another fabulous flower that you could use. For example, Cadenza, Chrysler Imperial, Dame de Coeur, Empress of the Garden, Fires of Alamo, and Georgetown Tea are just a few bold-colored roses.


  • For your backdrop, you want bold (of course) and glamorous. Go for hanging lights wrapped around ceiling-to-floor sheer material, flower wall art, or balloons.
Wedding Backdrop by FestivitiesMN

Wedding Backdrop by FestivitiesMN

  • Of course, chevron is one of the newest and greatest patterns of 2014, so if you’re going for completely original and modern, use black and white chevron table cloths, polka dot seating cards, and balloons as a backdrop. This will really give off a fun, fabulous, chic, and modern twist to your whole wedding.

The trick to a perfect modern wedding is to go bold and clean. Straight lines, bold colors, jaw-dropping backdrops, and gorgeous flowers are perfect for giving you the modern wedding of your dreams!

A Rustic Wedding

Rustic wedding themes seem to be a popular trend in 2014. From simplistic beauty to austere elegance, you simply can’t go wrong with a rustic wedding! There is so much you can do with decorations, color schemes, photo shots, wedding attire, and anything else you can think of, that you can easily add your own twist and personal touch. I absolutely love rustic country outdoor weddings – so much so, that mine was an outdoor wedding, boots and horse drawn carriage included!

Here are just a couple tips and ideas for pulling off the perfect rustic wedding!

Tips: Let nature speak for itself with rustic weddings. Wildflowers, hayfields, rolling hills, chirping birds, and a glorious sky are all the backdrop you need to wow your guests. So don’t overwhelm your ceremony and reception area with too many pieces.

Wildflowers by Allegro Photography

Wildflowers by Allegro Photography

  • Flowers: Again, let nature speak for itself. Use wildflowers and berries for your boutonnieres, your bouquet, your bridesmaid’s bouquets… wherever you have flowers, use wildflowers!
  • Ceremony & Reception: If nature permits and the weather allows, try going for an all-outdoors wedding and reception. For the food area, rent a large white tent to keep leaves and limbs out of the dishes. (Depending on where you’re hosting the reception, a tent might come with the package.)
  • Outside Decorations: I love lanterns and candles, string lights and candelabras. Lanterns on the tables and hanging string lights (if possible) will add a fairy tale touch to the atmosphere.
  • Signs: Opt for pallets as signs. This adds a rustic, natural, humble, country touch to the whole scheme. Paint the words in your accent colors and call it perfect!
  • Food: You want to stick with outdoorsy type foods. Stick with the theme of your rustic country wedding. Keep the food colorful, using an array of different vegetables, meats, sides, and desserts. Some food options include:
    • vegetables (green beans & carrots for example)
    • corn on the cob
    • mashed potatoes
    • In season fruit
    • BBQ pulled pork
    • grilled steak or chicken
    • Pies (pumpkin, apple, and  sweet potato pies are great fall pies)

The trick is to stick to the theme of your wedding. Using all rustic decorations to enhance the natural beauty surrounding you and your guests will really give off the perfect aura of cozy country and chic allure. From delicious in-season fruits to primitive lit lanterns, you can easily create the perfect rustic wedding!

A White Wedding

White is pure, sophisticated, soft, and elegant; it gives the perfect touch to a fairytale wedding. For a winter wedding, white is the best main color to choose – it puts your guests in a winter wonderland, whisking them away to a fairytale world. If you want a white wedding, here are just a few white wedding decoration tips for you to consider!

Tips: White is beautiful, but you want to make sure you don’t go overboard with accenting colors and decorations. The key is not to overwhelm, but to awe. Here are just a few decoration ideas that will help to give the perfect touch.

  • Accent Colors: Because white is soft yet brilliant, you want to find an accent color that won’t take away from its ethereal beauty. For example, you’ll want to choose colors such as gold, silver, or any shades of pink. A soft yet elegant color is the best choice.
    • White & Gold: For a white and gold wedding, you want to make sure you don’t go overboard with the gold – you don’t want it looking gaudy. Just add touches of gold to the centerpieces, chair covers, or flowers.
    • White & Silver: White and silver are pretty close together in color, so you want to make sure that it doesn’t blend in and become boring. Spruce up your decorations and change up the centerpieces. Don’t have everything matching, but have the silver centerpieces vary in style and design… to a certain extent. Keep it coordinated, yet different enough to jazz it up a bit.
    • Pink & White: A soft, blush pink would be a gorgeous accenting color. You want to add a touch of pink to the flowers, the tables, and maybe even your bridesmaid dresses. Remember, don’t overdo!

Don’t Overdo: With a white wedding, you don’t what to overwhelm your guest’s visual senses. You want to keep it elegant, simple, and stately. Make sure to pick a theme and stick with it. Don’t try to mix and match colors, decorations, and accents. Simple is superb for white weddings.

White Variations: There are hundreds of different shades of white, so play it up! For example, use a vibrant white and ivory to mix it up. Make sure the whites coordinate well together!

Table Arrangements by VancityAllie.com

Table Arrangements by VancityAllie.com

With a white wedding, you can really play up the elegance. Select an accent color and coordinate the decorations. It’s important to remember not to overdo on the accent colors or the decoration pieces. Simplicity is elegance!

Honeymoon Packing List

When packing for your honeymoon, it’s important to remember not to over-pack or under-pack. You want to bring just the right products for where you’re going. Depending on the season, weather, and location will depend on what type of packing list you will need. Here are just a few tips and items that are essential for just about any honeymoon destination.

Suitcases by Spooky Momma

Suitcases by Spooky Momma

What to Bring: For us ladies, it’s tempting to stuff our whole closet in our suitcases – a girl has to have options, right?! For most occasions, yes. For the honeymoon, less is best. You don’t need 50 tops and 30 shorts, despite what your heart tells you! Here are just a few ideas for you to consider.

  • Casual and Formal Clothes: Make sure to pack a variation of clothes, both casual and formal. For casual clothes you’ll want to pack:
    • 1 pair of jeans, 2 pairs of shorts, a few shirts & tank tops, sandals and tennis shoes.

For a formal outfit (because a sexy dinner date is definitely on the list of to-do’s on your honeymoon!) you’ll want to bring:

  • 1 formal dress (don’t forget a slip!), a pair of heels, a sundress, and accessories.
  • Sun Products: Buying sun product necessities at the tourist shops and on the cruise is expensive, so make sure you bring everything you need. For a short list, make sure you have:
    • Sunglasses
    • Sunscreen (bring different SPF’s)
    • Aloe vera
    • Hats (big, floppy, sexy beach hats are my favorite!)
    • Medicines: It’s important to bring a little “first-aid kit” on your honeymoon. You want to be able to enjoy every moment, so make sure you’re well prepared. You’ll want to bring:
      • Dramamine (if you’re going to be on a cruise)
      • Advil/Tylenol
      • Allergy meds
      • Backpacks/Bags: You will want to bring a smaller, comfy backpack or easy-to-carry beach bag for when you go on long shopping trips or excursions. You can also use these bags to hold all of your souvenirs on your trip home.
      • Entertainment: For those Sea Days on the cruise or a relaxed night in your hotel, you’ll want to have something to keep you and your spouse entertained. Bring a book (your nook, kindle, or even a paperback) and a deck of cards.

Bringing the right essentials can really help to pull off an unforgettable honeymoon trip. Make sure to have all your essentials with you, and enjoy your honeymoon!

Saving For the Honeymoon

After spending thousands of dollars on your wedding, spending even more money on your honeymoon might seem a little daunting, to say the least. But your honeymoon is a special time – it’s a time for you and your new spouse to learn more about each other, to fall deeper in love, and to take a few moments away from the everyday hustle and bustle of life to enjoy one another’s company. Take it from me; once the honeymoon is over and life starts full force, time becomes but a fleeting memory, one we all wish we could recapture. Luckily, there are a few tips and tricks to saving a few pennies for the honeymoon of a lifetime!

Money-Saving Tips: Saving money is important, especially in today’s economy. But going on your honeymoon and enjoying every moment is just as important! Here are a few simple ways to help save you a few extra Benjamin’s!

Money Jar by Greg Wagoner

Money Jar by Greg Wagoner

  • Honeymoon Registry: Many traveling agencies have a honeymoon registry. You can let your guests know, in a cordial manner, that you and your fiancé have a “honeymoon piggy bank.” This gives your guests an alternative to buying you gift cards or fifty-million bath towels…
  • Book it Baby! Book your vacation EARLY! The early bird definitely gets the worm on this deal. My husband and I were able to save money by booking our cruise months in advance. No matter where you’re going, whether it’s on a cruise or to a B&B, hotel, or anywhere else, most times the earlier you book the less expensive the rates.
  • Airline Miles: If you used a credit card to pay for your wedding expenses, than you can use the frequent flyer miles to get a cheaper flight. Take a look at what your credit card company offers and see what miles you have available.
  • Better Budget: Set a budget before the planning of the wedding. The better you budget, the better chance you have to saving money.
  • Homey Vacation: Instead of flying or taking a cruise to the Caribbean, you could always vacation close to home. Book a chic and cozy B&B that’s close to home and has lots of activities to keep you and your spouse busy. Plus, who doesn’t like cozy beds, a crackling fire, and a complimentary gourmet breakfast!

By budgeting, booking early, and/or staying close to home, you can really save a lot of money. Remember – enjoy every second of your honeymoon!

Destination Honeymoon

Luxurious beaches, exquisite cruises, and breath-taking views – going on your honeymoon is probably one of the most exciting adventures you’ll set sail on! You want something extravagant, unique, and unforgettable; you want to embark on a once-in-a-lifetime adventure! There are so many different places to visit and things to see that your options are seemingly endless! Here are just a few of the many unique places you can go for an unforgettable time!

Iceland: Let’s be honest – it’s hot right now. A sweltering summer getaway doesn’t seem all that appealing, and you’re looking for a cool-down. Well, Iceland is the perfect place!

  • Norwegian Cruise Line: On the Norwegian Cruise line, you can visit the unbelievable Blue Lagoon and submerge yourself in steamy blue waters, taking in the fantastic views and incredible atmosphere.

Alaska: I lived in Alaska for six years, and if anything, I remember the incredible beauty that surrounded that whole state. Deep shades of green, warm woodsy browns, and ethereal blues paint a perfect picture of Alaska, The Last Frontier.

  • Cruises: The Princess Cruise and Silversea’s Silver Shadow Cruise Line are two fantastic cruises to go on. You can see glaciers first hand and abundant wildlife everywhere you look.
Misty Morning Cruise by Barbara

Misty Morning Cruise by Barbara

Utah: If you’re looking to stay in the states, but you want to go somewhere totally different, than Utah is the place to go!

  • Snowbasin, Ogden Valley: If you want to go on a skiing excursion, than Snowbasin is the place to go! Fantastic ski runs and beautiful views make this the best skiing destination!
  • The Lodge at Red River Ranch: For a place to stay, this is where you want to go! There are a lot of outdoor activities you and your spouse can do, such as hunting, fishing, UTV rentals, and horseback riding. If you’re looking for an outdoorsy honeymoon destination, this is the resort for you!

Australia: Kangaroos, beaches, and warm relaxation! Australia is the destination of all destinations!

  • Makepeace Island: It’s an entire Island just for you and your spouse! If you want to get away from the hustle and bustle of life, than this is the place for you!
  • Byron Bay: Beaches, sun, and delicious food! Byron Bay is chalk-full of things to do! For a place to stay, The Byron at Byron Resort and Spa is one of many fantastic resorts!

Choose somewhere fun, exciting, and completely original for you and your spouse to go! Take pictures, enjoy the quiet moments, and relish every second spent with your new spouse!

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