Choosing a Wedding Date

For the majority of future brides and grooms, budget is a big concern. The whirlwind of planning a wedding that is financially friendly can give engaged couples tunnel vision, often resulting in a drained bank account with no wiggle room for a post-wedding getaway.

Although your wedding will most-likely be one of the most memorable days of your life, you and your soulmate deserve a honeymoon. If you don’t think a romantic rendezvous is in the cards, consider one of these budget-friendly honeymoon destinations that may change your mind.

A Caribbean Cruise: So many people think they can’t afford a dream Caribbean vacation, but cruises can be very affordable. Many cruise lines offer booking incentives, and meals are often included. I visited and found 7-day cruises for as low as $399! Deals may vary depending on the month you plan to set sail, so be sure to plan ahead!

Sunset at Sea by Bob Jagendorf

Montreal, Canada: If you can find a destination which offers beautiful scenery and inexpensive lodging and food, you can plan a low-cost getaway; Montreal fits the bill! Luxury hotels start as low as $119/night according to, and with cheap public transport, you can feel good about saving money and still feel like you’re in a different world.

Montreal, Canada by Abel Joseph

Patong Beach: Okay, so Thailand may seem far-fetched for a couple who is looking for a low-cost vacation option, but it may not be. Depending on what time of year you are looking to get away, the Amari Phuket just might be your dream destination. They offer honeymoon packages, including international airfare, starting at $1519 per person for a 7-night stay. Sure, it’s not for everyone, but this deal was too good not to pass along...

Patong Beach by bfick

Niagra Falls: Getting away from it all doesn’t necessarily mean flying to faraway lands. The Falls offers travel packages (including one for wine lovers!) at ridiculously low prices. offers an extensive breakdown of available packages, and it might surprise you how affordable they are! This is definitely a top pick for couples on a budget.

American Falls by Anupam_ts

Outer Banks: North Carolina has beautiful beaches and plenty of inexpensive hotel options. If you love to lounge on the beach, Outer Banks may be a homerun for a reasonably priced getaway. Be sure to mention that you are planning your honeymoon when you call to make reservations.

Bodie Island Lighthouse by Zach Frailey

Although we’ve only mentioned a handful of locations, there are many affordable Honeymoon options for lovebirds. As a general rule, aim to stay during off-season months, and always ask about favorite non-tourist restaurants and attractions to save some extra cash. A low-cost romantic getaway is possible! Creative planning will get you places; we promise!

Happy Honeymooning!

Choosing a Wedding Date

Congratulations! You’re engaged! There is no better feeling than cuddling up with a stack of wedding magazines and catching a glimpse of your new bling while flipping pages. But wait! Before you pick the perfect dress and get caught up in the details, there’s one very important decision to make… WHEN do you want to get married?

Planning your perfect wedding has everything to do with which season you choose. To simplify the process of narrowing down your ideal date, let’s take a look at each season, along with its perks and pitfalls:

Spring: A spring wedding date brings many pros and cons. While the weather in some areas is temperamental, the flower choices are plentiful. Purchasing flowers that are in-season often results in lower costs. Another plus? Just about any dress length/style goes! If your sights are set on an outdoor wedding, spring may not be your best bet. The unpredictable weather is what keeps many couples from planning spring weddings. Some brides and grooms-to-be choose springtime to get married, because the season brings a sense of renewal.

Centerpieces by Tracy Hunter

Summer: Warm-weather weddings offer many options for engaged couples. Outdoor ceremonies offer a naturally beautiful backdrop and less need for elaborate décor. On the other hand, hot temperatures can make guests uncomfortable, and bugs are often an issue. Similar to a spring affair, summer weddings allow brides to wear nearly any style of dress, and lots of blooms are in season. Concerns about extreme heat cause some couples to shy away from a summer wedding, However, longer days, and the carefree feeling associated with summer, make the warmer months an ideal time to tie the knot.

Roy & Tracy by Jen Son

Fall: Autumn weddings are popular for lots of reasons; multi-colored leaves make lovely decorations, and fall temperatures are often perfect for outdoor ceremonies. Some brides and grooms-to-be choose to decorate with pumpkins and other autumn décor, which can reduce a wedding budget drastically. Depending on how traditional you want to go, wedding gown options may be more limited due to cooler temps and the fact that many dresses scream summer. With that being said, the pros often outweigh the cons for fall weddings. In many regions, it’s the most beautiful time of year.

DO_Wedding by Virginia State Parks

Winter: Although winter weddings are not on the top of the popularity list, they can be downright gorgeous. Weddings with a holiday theme allow for unique decorations, and because many venues aren’t booked solid this time of year, you may have your pick of dates. Dress choices are limited, but wraps and warm hand muffs can be used to keep the bride warm (and they make for beautiful pictures). It can be difficult to find flowers in season, but your florist can help you determine your options. Although it’s not the top pick for many couples, winter weddings can be a big hit.

Nelll + Venlamin by Reinis Melioranskis

The most popular months to get married are June, September, and October. While many people gravitate toward these months, every couple is unique. What do you envision on your wedding day? Do you see an early evening sunset and colorful leaves blanketing the ground? Or maybe you envision a warm summer night with fireflies lighting up the sky. No matter what season you choose, you can make your dream wedding a reality.

You’ve chosen your date? Perfect! Let the planning begin...

{DIY} A Chalkboard Wedding

We all remember the infamous chalkboards our teachers used in our school days. Everything we've ever learned about prepositional phrases and quadratic equations was likely first shown to us on a blackboard. These days, anything can be converted into a chalkboard for just about any purpose! The best news? Your wedding can be completely personalized with some incredibly simple DIY projects. Get ready to be inspired...

Here Comes the Bride by Selbe Lynn

Skip the Paper: Providing your guests with a program is important. Most people appreciate knowing what's coming up, but a paper program is not your only option. Find a frame that fits your wedding decor, and spray the glass with chalkboard paint. Simply write your wedding agenda on the board to keep guests in the know. This will save you printing costs, and your friends and family won’t feel guilty for pitching a paper copy. This is also a perfect way to display your menu!

Menu by Selbe Lynn

The Mini Version: You can construct personalized table numbers by creating mini versions of the DIY project above. Just purchase square photo frames and use chalkboard paint. You can simply specify table numbers or customize the frames with a quote or your wedding date. The possibilities for this project are endless.

Blackboard Wedding Table Number by Gemma Morgan

Spice it Up: Baskets or buckets can be spruced up by adding small chalkboards as labels for your wedding favors, card basket, etc. Give them a little extra pizzazz by adding raffia, flowers, or another embellishment. Small touches make the biggest difference.

Card Box by clownsrscary

Beyond Basic: If you want to go beyond the basic blackboard, consider using chalkboard paint on jars or buckets to make a statement. You can really liven up your decorations, including centerpieces, by adding this element of surprise.

Blackboard Theme by Gemma Morgan

Chalkboards are useful in the classroom, but we’d argue that they’re much more fun at weddings! Using these easy DIY tips will make your wedding day extra special. It won’t take a lot of time or effort, and your guests will chalk it up to your amazing creativity!

Choosing a Wedding Venue

Between the engagement ring and the wedding ring, there is a whole lot of planning to be done. One of the very first steps a newly engaged couple should take is choosing a venue. Why? The place you choose to get married will impact every other decision you make when planning your wedding. Here at The Plunge Project, we want to make sure you are well-informed about venue pros and cons. Let’s take a look at the various options to ensure your walk down the aisle is in the perfect location…

Marquee Wedding by David Higgs

The very first question to ask yourself is, what is most important to you? If having your entire family and circle of friends in attendance is your top priority, having a destination wedding may not be your best bet. On the other hand, if you’re envisioning a formal ceremony with a gourmet meal, you’ll need to choose a venue that can accommodate your vision (and your food). Determining the most important elements will help you to narrow down location possibilities.

Going Traditional: If you are planning to go the traditional route, the venue will most-likely have preset policies. While this may not allow for much wiggle room, it does ensure there will be few surprises. Be sure not to book a traditional wedding venue (or any venue) before you have had all of your questions answered. Common complaints come from brides who didn’t realize they couldn’t begin decorating until the morning of the ceremony, that liquor is not allowed, that wedding-goers must leave the location at a particular time, or that the venue must be left in pristine condition. To avoid additional fees, be sure to follow each and every rule. One huge bonus about going traditional? The staff will know exactly what to do, leaving very little for you to worry about.

Another note to take into consideration when planning a wedding at a traditional venue: It may take more work to create a unique experience. Consider what will set your event apart from other traditional weddings. The venue plays a big part in the overall experience.

Marjorie Powell Allen Chapel by Frank Thompson Photos

Religious vs. Spiritual: Differentiating a religious wedding with a spiritual ceremony may not be a big deal for some couples, but to others, it’s the deciding factor in choosing a location. A religious affair may align with some of the traditional guidelines above. Often, religious leaders will only marry couples in their place of worship; this is something to keep in mind if you have an idea of who you would like to officiate your ceremony. If your wedding wish is to create a spiritual vibe, consider being surrounded by nature. Does the thought of a beach or lake wedding make you giddy? Would you love to tie the knot surrounded by trees, flowers, and birds? In some cases, a well thought-out plan is in order; in others, it’s best to go with your gut.

DO-Wedding by Virginia State Parks

The At-Home Wedding A wedding at home may seem like a way to cut costs, but that’s not necessarily the case. Depending on the number of guests, rental fees can be over-the-top, and having supportive family and friends to help with the work is vital. An important step in determining whether you should have an at-home wedding is to find out if you’ll need a permit. You can contact your local city or town hall to get this information. You’ll also want to get in touch with your home owner’s insurance agency to see if you need additional coverage for your special day. Parking is an important consideration as well. While there are many questions to take into account, an at-home wedding can be intimate and unique. Don’t count it out if you can pull it off.

A Destination Celebration: One thing’s for sure... Nobody will every accuse you of having a cookie-cutter wedding if you go the destination route. Although planning a celebration from afar can be stressful, the benefits often outweigh the hassle. If you’re considering an event far from home, keep in mind who will (and won’t) be able to make the trip. Some couples choose to have a small destination ceremony and honeymoon, then host a party after they return home. One important factor to keep in mind is obtaining your marriage license. All states and countries have their own guidelines. If you have a destination in mind, you can check out their requirements at If you’re planning an overseas ceremony, check out

Beach Wedding by Lindsay Clark

The Totally Unique Wedding: So, you’re determined to have a wedding like no other? Let the fun begin! The most memorable weddings are often in the most unexpected places. Whether you’re dreaming of saying "I do" in your favorite sports arena, a castle, or an art gallery, you’re sure to make a statement. Because these venues don’t host many weddings, you may be able to negotiate price. Be sure the location can accommodate all of your guests, and if you plan to include booze, make sure the establishment allows it. You may also need to purchase liability insurance. If there will be non-ambulatory guests, make sure there are accommodations for them as well. It may take some extra prep, but your unique wedding will be worth the time and effort.

Before the Wedding by Jamie K Johnson

If you’re having trouble deciding on a location, ask yourself if the venue gives you the feeling you want your guests to have when they arrive. Once you do make the decision, book your wedding ASAP. If your heart is set on a specific spot and you miss out, you may feel like you settled. No bride should feel that way on her wedding day. Where you get married should be your idea of perfection! Choosing the perfect place is the first step to creating your ideal wedding. Well, after finding the perfect guy, of course...

Fun Wedding Ideas

If you’ve ever had the pleasure of attending a really fun wedding, you most likely took mental notes as to what made the event unique. While your wedding day will undoubtedly be memorable for you and your new bride or groom, unfortunately, guests may be less than impressed if the celebration is a cookie cutter version of weddings they’ve been to previously. There is no better gift than overhearing a guest say, “This is the best wedding ever!” We’ve compiled the very best ways to incorporate fun into your wedding to ensure your family and friends enjoy the day and leave with happy memories:

Pre-Wedding Duties: Let guests know that your wedding will be interactive before they even arrive. On your RSVP cards, include a line for a song request. You’re guaranteed to have an eclectic mix of tunes at your reception, which means there will be something for everyone.

Bet on the Vows: If you want to bring an element of surprise to your ceremony, play rock, paper, scissors to determine who says their vows first. This will set the tone for the entire day, letting your guests know that this party will be unlike any other!

Rock, Paper, Scissors by Lee Winder

A Sneaky Surprise: If you’ll be participating in the traditional garter toss (or even if you’re not), surprise your groom with a funny or sentimental garter that will wow him and your guests. Under her very traditional dress, one bride I know donned a Transformers garter for her husband, who had been collecting the action figures for years. It wasn’t only a surprise for the groom; it was a conversation piece. Get creative! This is a subtle way to infuse some fun into your wedding day.

Start with Dessert & Keep It Coming: Veggie platters and cheese trays are fine but totally expected. If you want guests to get a fun vibe right away, serve dessert-style hors d’oeuvres. A do-it-yourself ice cream sundae bar can be a fun accompaniment to your wedding cake, and a candy bar can double as a wedding favor. Simply provide cute boxes or bags for guests to create their own combination. Keep your crowd fed and full all night, and they’re sure to leave happy (and on a sugar high)!

The Candy Bar by MINInurse

A Different Kind of Bar: Take the stuffiness out of your first meal as a married couple by offering a food bar. Some fun ideas? Waffles or pancakes with breakfast fixin’s, a taco bar, a burger bar… the possibilities are endless!

Bring Outsiders In: To keep the party interesting, bring in a cartoonist to sketch your guests, or hire a juggler or magician to keep the audience captivated. Not only will this allow you and your bride or groom some downtime, it will keep everyone engaged, including the kids.

Speaking of Kids: Kids remember fun! I once attended a wedding with fish bowls as centerpieces. At the end of the night, the bride and groom announced that the children could each take home a centerpiece. Oh boy! Many years later, my kids still talk about that wedding surprise. Stock the kids’ table with easy-to-assemble craft kits, games, and coloring pages. These small touches will make a big difference to them.

Not Your Traditional Guestbook: There is nothing exciting about signing a traditional guestbook. Remember Polaroid cameras? If you can find a couple, have guests take photos and paste them into a scrapbook along with a personalized message. Not only will you have a one-of-a-kind guestbook; you’re guests will have created a scrapbook you can keep for years to come! Another option? Jenga blocks. Have guests write on them for a keepsake you can actually use!

Guest Blocks by MjZ Photography

Create a Wedding Day Facebook Page: Allow your guests to be wedding photographers! Add everyone who RSVP’d to a private Facebook group, and encourage them to snap candid pictures of the wedding and reception. They can then post them in the group for you and your other guests to see.

Anticipation is Everything: To avoid guests sneaking out before you cut the cake, keep them guessing. Sprinkle surprises throughout the night and plan a grand finale. A fun send-off (think sparklers or glow sticks) or a surprise fireworks display should do the trick. Don’t let the party die off; end it with a bang!

Bride and Groom by Ryan G. Smith

Your wedding celebration is sure to be memorable if you focus on the fun! By mixing tradition with a few surprising twists, you’ll create a unique experience worthy of being called “the best wedding ever!”

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