3 Tips for Planning a Male-Friendly Wedding

It comes as no surprise that most men often have a vastly different take on weddings than women do. After attending many weddings with my husband and other male family members and friends, I continue to hear a few things repeated over and over. So listen up ladies, here are my tips to plan the wedding of your dreams, while keeping the male folk  entertained so that everyone has a truly memorable time.

1. Food Frenzy.

I seriously can’t stress this enough. It is all about the food with most guys. An easy way to ensure you have a male-friendly menu is to make sure your groom-to-be checks out reception venues, attends tastings and isn’t afraid to chime in with his culinary choices. Make sure you have appetizers that are readily available at the very beginning of your reception, as this is the first thing that most men want to do after a wedding ceremony. Don’t ask me why, but I’ve heard this again and again…and again! Another fun idea would be to offer a selection of late night snacks toward the end of your reception. Besides, who doesn’t need a carb or two after dancing up a storm?

2. Check the Calendar.

The right date that is! If your guy or your guests are sports enthusiasts, be sure to check the calendar for any important games that might fall on the afternoon or eve of your wedding celebration. While sometimes this is inevitable, it is important to take into consideration that your guests may be distracted — or worse, not even attend! (An extreme case of course!).  Do your homework! Your reception venue may even offer a bar area with TVs to play that all-important sporting event so that your guests can keep tabs on the game without missing the festivities!

3.  Let Boys be Boys!

Incorporate a few gestures for the gentlemen on your guest list. Set up a station at your reception featuring a sampling of cigars, specialty brews and premium liquors. Consider incorporating a few tables of Vegas-style Casino games during your cocktail hour to put a smile on the face of your male guests while the women “ooh” and “aah” about your centerpieces and table settings!

Let’s face it — some men simply dread going to weddings because they dislike the “pomp and circumstance,” dancing or emotional toasts. But by taking some of these tips into consideration, you will show your male guests that you have made an effort to ensure that they have a great time at your wedding!

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About Cheryl Rhody

Cheryl is a public relations, marketing and digital media professional with a passion for all things wedding-related. Even though she took the plunge nearly a year ago on November 13, 2010, she is still romanced by all that the wedding industry has to offer­ — dazzling diamonds, color palettes that “pop”, gorgeous wedding gowns, creative cakes, unique decor and most of all, the whimsical love stories that make up the “big day” that every little girl dreams of! Cheryl is a Kansas gal living and loving the South Florida lifestyle with husband C.J. and their two Pomeranians, Toby & Chloe.

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  1. Lindsey
    February 16, 2012 at 1:53 pm (3 years ago)

    Great suggestions, Cheryl! Especially the cigar tasting and card games – brilliant and simple.


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