3 Tips for Surviving the Holidays: Bridal Style

The holidays are the time of year when friends and families gather together to wine, dine and spread holiday cheer. If you have recently become engaged or are busy planning a wedding, you will likely have a lot to share. While it can be fun chatting about the logistics of your wedding, you will inevitably encounter unwelcome conversation with a nosy family member or an over-opinionated friend — you know, the kind of people who ask inappropriate questions, prying into personal details of the wedding like budget contributions, wedding costs, why your little cousin wasn’t asked to be a bridesmaid, etc. — or those that are happy to tell you exactly how they would plan your wedding or highlight any missteps they believe you may have taken in your wedding planning.

While these situations can be incredibly uncomfortable and can often put a dimmer on the spirit of the season, fear no more! Here are a few easy tips to help you handle any invasive Q&A with style, grace and holiday cheer.

1. Speak Up.

This is certainly one of the most direct approaches, however it has a high-likelihood of putting a kabash on any off-limits subject matter. It is important to keep your composure and graciously let the conversation culprit know that you do not appreciate their questioning and/or that their commentary is inappropriate.  While you may fear hurting the person’s feelings, many people simply aren’t aware that their comments could be interpreted as invasive or offensive.

2.  Practice the Art of Diversion.

When we are subjected to inappropriate questioning, our first reaction is often to get defensive or show our upset emotion. While these are natural responses, they can often escalate an already tense moment. Instead, simply transition the conversation and change the subject. Perhaps ask about something going on in their life (i.e. a promotion at work, their son/daughter’s music recital, upcoming vacation, etc.). While nosy, high-strung people love to interject their opinions, they are hard-pressed to pass up talking about themselves.

3. When All Else Fails, Drink More Eggnog.

While I wouldn’t encourage overindulgence in adult beverages as a coping mechanism (at least not as a first resort!), sometimes you just have to tune out the chatter or simply walk away and start a conversation with someone else. Offering to help supervise young children or lend a hand in the kitchen are easy ways to politely excuse yourself.

Happy Holidays!

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