4 Low-Budget Ways to Celebrate Your First Marriage Milestone — Your First Anniversary

C.J. and I are about to embark on a marriage milestone — our first wedding anniversary! There are many thoughts going through my mind, “Where did the time go? It went by so fast!”, “We made it- whew!” and perhaps the most prevalent question, “How are we going to celebrate?”.

As new homeowners in the midst of a massive remodeling project, we will be answering that question on a budget. I have heard that going on a second honeymoon or returning to your original honeymoon destination is a popular choice among many couples. While those sound like fantastic ways to spend your anniversary, I can only imagine that the majority of newlyweds don’t have that luxury available to them, so here are some loving yet low-budget ways to celebrate:

1. Dinner and a Movie

If you and your better half enjoy cooking, open a bottle of wine and heat things up in the kitchen! If not, go to dinner at your favorite restaurant. After you’re done eating, break out that perfectly-aged, top layer of your wedding cake! Finish the evening watching your wedding video, looking through your wedding album and dancing the night away to the sounds of your “First Dance” song!

2. Relive Your Reception

Return to the site of your wedding reception. Call ahead and see if they can even prepare the first meal you ate as husband and wife! Many couples often are getting pulled in so many different directions on their wedding night that they rarely even get to enjoy their dinner. This is your chance to find out what you were missing!

3. Go Back To Where It All Began

Live your love song! Use your anniversary as an opportunity to reminiscence about how your love story began. Perhaps you can return to the place where you first met, reenact your first date or revel in the joy you experience when everything changed and he asked you to marry him! The possibilities are endless for you to share in the joy of a special moment or a special place that is unique to the two of you!

4. Start a New Tradition

I have heard that many couples have begun creating marriage time capsules. For example, you can take a box (maybe even your actual wedding card box) and place special keepsakes and items from your wedding and marriage inside. Include items like your wedding invitations, wedding cards, photographs from your wedding and honeymoon, the key to your first home, baby hospital bracelets and much more! Or, start your own tradition!

Remember all of the hoopla and pizzazz that had you in frenzy while planning your wedding festivities? Now, do you recall how much of that impacted your actual marriage? Exactly! Don’t get caught up in planning an elaborate anniversary celebration without keeping that in mind. The coming year of wedded bliss is the best gift you can give your spouse. Equally important, the best way to celebrate your anniversary is by displaying your unconditional love for one another year round, regardless of what day it is.

{Image by Animesh Singh. Used under Creative Commons.}

About Cheryl Rhody

Cheryl is a public relations, marketing and digital media professional with a passion for all things wedding-related. Even though she took the plunge nearly a year ago on November 13, 2010, she is still romanced by all that the wedding industry has to offer­ — dazzling diamonds, color palettes that “pop”, gorgeous wedding gowns, creative cakes, unique decor and most of all, the whimsical love stories that make up the “big day” that every little girl dreams of! Cheryl is a Kansas gal living and loving the South Florida lifestyle with husband C.J. and their two Pomeranians, Toby & Chloe.

2 Comments on 4 Low-Budget Ways to Celebrate Your First Marriage Milestone — Your First Anniversary

  1. Ashley Carlson
    October 4, 2011 at 11:31 am (4 years ago)

    Great ideas Cheryl! My husband and I went the “re-live your reception” route for our first anniversary and it was so much fun, happy anniversary to you and C.J.! Cheers!

    • Cheryl Rhody
      October 5, 2011 at 12:07 pm (4 years ago)

      Thanks Ashley! When is your anniversary?


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