5 Awesome Gift Ideas for Brides & Grooms Who Already Live Together

They’re the gift ideas for the couple who has everything – except for a marriage license. But what do couples put on their gift wish lists who have been living together for years and thus, don’t need to set up a household from scratch like traditional newlyweds? Here are a few suggestions…

## 1. Gift Certificates

The couple might be more interested in something that lets them have or do what they want rather than settling for home décor items they may not really need. Gift cards to a home improvement store offer a chance to catch up on repairs or help pay for a new renovation project. Loved ones can contribute something the couple may not have been able to afford on their own.

## 2. Something for the Honeymoon

A nice set of luggage from a site like Wayfair.com will set the couple off in style for their romantic honeymoon. Another option, if you know where they are going ahead of time, is buying them an experience while they’re there. Sites like [HoneymoonWishes.com](http://www.honeymoonwishes.com/) let couples register for fun activities to do on their honeymoon.

## 3. The Gift of Food

In the same spirit, who doesn’t enjoy the opportunity to have a nice meal at a favorite restaurant or somewhere new in town? A service called [FoodRegistry.com](https://www.foodieregistry.com/) allows your guests to chip in to purchase certificates to a variety of restaurants. Upon registering, you choose the restaurants, the type of cuisine, or the area of town that you prefer. Guests can contribute a certain amount to the same restaurant, which can add up quickly for a larger certificate or multiple visits. This service is currently available in Los Angeles, New York, Denver, Chicago and San Francisco, but people in other areas could consider buying restaurant certificates individually.

## 4. A Nice Upgrade

Couples can also use the occasion to get a new look for their current household items. If they combined households years ago, they may never have had the chance to choose towels or dining sets together. It’s also possible they’ll register for something they’ve liked the idea of but never purchased. Maybe a cool new kitchen appliance you’ve heard them discussing or a new Keurig coffee machine to replace the drip machine they’ve used for years.

## 5. Money

Rather than complicating the gift-giving process with all sorts of stuff from different places, [WeddingRepublic.com](https://weddingrepublic.com/) allows couples to create a wedding registry specifically for cash. Guests can make secure online donations, and the couple can use the money to purchase exactly what they want. Saying “here’s one place where we’re registered” is also much more polite than saying “cash only please.” Guests can let the couple “cash out” or create a printed certificate of donation they can bring to the ceremony or reception. There are lots of options when it comes to wedding gifts…even if the couple has lived together for years! And it’s not just retail stores that offer registries. A site called [SimpleRegistry.com](http://www.simpleregistry.com/) allows couples to put anything from anywhere on their lists. It could be products from different stores or even services, such as classes or activities. Guests can chip in to make pricier items on the wish list come true, and also add items to the list with the philosophy of, “I saw this and immediately thought of you!” If the couple likes the idea, they can approve it and add it on the official registry. **So whether you’re shopping for the couple that already has everything, or you’re getting married to someone you already live with and are trying to register, this list should be a great start!**

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