5 Inexpensive, Last Minute Valentine’s Day Date Ideas

Nothing big planned for Valentine’s Day this year? Don’t have a huge budget for a big, extravagant Valentine’s Day celebration? Here are a few great and inexpensive, last minute Valentine’s Day date ideas…because Valentine’s Day is about showing your beau how much you love him, not about going broke!

1. Cook Together at Home

Michael and I actually prefer cooking at home to going out to dinner, and it’s not just because he’s a chef. Making a nice dinner together is private, romantic and is a really great bonding experience. Add candles and wine or Valentine’s Day sweets to really create the atmosphere. The cost of the date is entirely up to you and what food you choose!

2. Treat Each Other to Dessert

After your dinner at home, create a change of scenery and go on a dessert date. Personally, Michael and I LOVE to go out for ice cream. It allows us to get some time out of the house and feel like we’re out on a date, yet it costs us under $10. It’s a great date compromise.

3. Find a Dollar Movie Theater

Many cities offer $1 or $2 movie theaters that play movies after they’re out of regular theaters, but still before they come out on DVD, which presents a great and inexpensive date option! Unlike paying $30 for a movie night at a normal theater, going to a dollar theater means a great date for about $10. Did I mention popcorn and drinks tend to be cheaper there too?

4. Go Ice Skating

Since the groundhog saw his shadow earlier this month, it’s still winter, and that means still time for an ice skating date! Depending on how cold it is in your city, head to an indoor or outdoor rink, grab your beau’s hands and skate around. When you’re tired, cozy up with a warm cup of hot cocoa.

5. Create an In-home Spa

An actual spa date can get pretty expensive, but being broke doesn’t mean the two of you can’t pamper yourselves — and each other! Run a bubble bath and give each other massages. Talk about a romantic evening in!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

How are you and your beau spending Valentine’s Day this year?

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