6 Current Bridesmaid Dress Trends

Remember when the trend used to be to dress your bridesmaids in such tacky attire that they wouldn’t outshine the bride? While today’s bridesmaids still don’t outshine the bride (how could they?!), today’s [bridesmaid dresses](http://www.bride.com.au/wedding-fashion/brides-and-bridesmaids) are certainly a departure from the tacky frocks of years past. Today’s bridesmaids are looking rather stunning themselves. Here are a few current trends…

## 1. One-shoulder Styles

While strapless bridesmaid dresses will always have their place in the wedding world, one-shoulder styles have taken weddings by storm in 2013, and for good reason! While they look incredibly stylish, they also provide a little extra support and generally look good on all body types.

## 2. Matching the Bride

While your dress will always be the star of your wedding day, a lot of brides are opting to match their bridesmaids’ dresses to theirs. Of course, this isn’t an exact match, but the goal here is to make bridesmaid dresses fit in perfectly with the style and theme of the big day to create one cohesive vision.

## 3. Convertible

Convertible bridesmaid dresses are so popular that I’ve actually written an entire post solely about them. Not only are they re-wearable, but they’re also great for all body types and provide a bit of a mismatched look, which is also very on-trend.

## 4. Mismatched

Different hues, different styles, different textures, different patterns…there are lots of ways to take advantage of the mismatched bridesmaid dress trend. Just be sure to find a way to tie them all together and keep them in line with your greater vision.

## 5. Lace

Lace is such a wedding staple, so it should come of no surprise that lace is a bridesmaid dress trend. Feminine and classic, bridesmaids in lace can really complement the bride and the big day as a whole! So whether you use lace in a matched look or a mismatched one, there are tons of lace bridesmaid dress options out there!

## 6. White & Cream

Gasp! Brides are putting
their bridesmaids in white now?! Well, since Pippa Middleton donned a white
dress at the royal wedding, white dresses for bridesmaids are now totally in.
Not to mention, it’s very elegant, classic and timeless! They key to taking
advantage of this trend? Just make sure the bridesmaids’ dresses are subtler
than your own. **What do you think of these hot bridesmaid
dress trends? Which is your favorite?**

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