8 Ways to Use Your Mom’s Wedding Dress in Your Big Day

I always hear mixed reviews from brides on whether or not they’re saving their wedding dresses — some say they want to in case their daughter wants to wear it, while others are convinced the style will be so far changed by then that it’ll be out of the question. Now, don’t get me wrong; I wouldn’t have worn my mom’s poofy-sleeved 80’s dress to my big day, but if she had saved it, there definitely could have been a few great ways I could have incorporated it into my big day. If your mom’s dress is still available and you’re looking for a way to use it for your wedding but it’s either not your style or not your size, here are a few options…

### 1. Alter & modernize it.

Taking off the sleeves, covering discolored spots with embellishments, adding a little extra lace…there is a lot a seamstress can do to modernize a vintage dress! Just go talk to one to determine if the changes you want made are actually do-able.

via Simply…Splended

### 2. Use some of it wrap your bouquet.

If you can’t (or don’t want to) use your mom’s entire dress, or there are only a few parts of it that aren’t discolored, an easy way to incorporate it is to use fabric or embellishments from it as your bouquet wrap.

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### 3. Make a ring pillow.

If you enjoy sewing, a ring pillow can be a great DIY project that uses the fabric from mom’s dress!

Alicia Dawns DIY

### 4. Rock the accessories.

Even though the dress may not be your style, sometimes accessories like the
veil and headpieces can be easily altered and worn.If you’re lucky, you might
even be able to wear them in their current condition.

via Weddingbee

### 5. Make new accessories.

Garters, headpieces, jewelry, oh my! There are tons of things you can make from the materials in mom’s gown!

Bells, Bouquets and Galveston Bay

### 6. Make a clutch.

In addition to the variety of other accessories mentions above, a clutch is another great wedding style item that can be created out of Mom’s dress. Companies like [{A03} Designs](http://www.ao3designs.com/pages/custom) even specialize in creating these types of clutches!

via A03 Designs

### 7. Put it on display.

If you’re not wearing it or using the pieces from it, consider putting your mom’s dress (and maybe a couple other heirloom dresses) on display at your wedding!

via My Dear Trash

### 8. Incorporate pieces into your decor.

Consider using some of the lace to wrap candles and vases, or use some of the fabric for your chuppah. There are tons of other ways to incorporate mom’s dress into your big day — you just have to think about where it might work.

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