The Art of Prioritizing

These past few weeks have been a whirlwind of wedding planning. Can you believe this Saturday will mark 6 weeks to go?! Damn, time flies!

A long, long time ago, when Michael and I embarked on this journey of planning our dream wedding, I’ll admit that I wanted a lot. And in my defense, I truly though $10,000 was a massive budget. Boy, what I wrong! But either way, we’re still making our budget work for us, and I’ve been getting fairly good at cutting things that don’t quite matter and prioritizing the things that do.

I think that’s really the key to savvy planning — being able to prioritize what you want and what you’re able to do without. Sure, having linens that match my color scheme perfectly and cost $20 each will look beautiful, but can I cut them out? Of course. Will people really care that I chose the plain, ivory linens that the venue provided? They probably won’t even notice. It’s important to get yourself to a point where you can realize those things — what matters and what really doesn’t.

To do this, I started with 3 lists:

  1. Things that are very important to me and Michael.
  2. Things we’d like to have IF they fit in our budget.
  3. Things we can definitely do without.

For instance, good photography was one of the most important things to us. After all, the photos are the only thing you really keep after the wedding — except the marraige of course ; ) So we splurged and hired a good, well-known photographer to take our engagement photos and spend the entire wedding day with us. That cost us $2900.

On the other hand, there is a lot we’re cutting out to make up for that. We’re keeping flowers to a minimum and using only what we really need. We’re doing without linens and other decor. Since our venue is located within walking distance of the hotel everyone is staying at, we’re not hiring transportation.

The biggest lesson I think I learned in my wedding planning is the importance of prioritizing. And unless you have an unlimited budget, it’s a pretty important thing to do.

What are the most important elements of your wedding? And what items could you really do without?

(Image from Redvers. Used under Creative Commons.)

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With a love of planning just about anything — from her own wedding, to bridal and baby showers, to dinner parties, and more – Nicole is the Plunge Project’s founder and former editor-in-chief. A New Jersey native, Nicole has called Chandler, Arizona home since 2013, where she currently lives with her husband Michael; two pit bulls, Shelby and Link; and cat, Kity Perry. A University of Tennessee graduate, Nicole has a bachelors in communications and a career at a rapidly-growing digital marketing firm.

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