Having a Ball at Your Bridal Shower!

Bridal showers can be so much fun! From delicious food and beloved girlfriends
and family members to fun and exciting games, your bridal shower will be one
unforgettable day! There are tons of different bridal games to choose from,
such as decorating cupcakes and playing Musical Bouquet. With fun games like
these, you can really turn up the excitement at your bridal shower!

* **Toilet Paper Attire:** This one’s awesome for good laughs and great photos! Split up your guests into a few groups and have each group designate a model. Give them rolls of toilet paper and have them dress the model in full “wedding attire!” With a dress, veil, jewelry, and hair pieces, your groups can get pretty creative! Once the competition is done (make sure to set a reasonable time limit), choose the best winner and hand out fun prizes to the winning group!

Toilet Paper Brides by Rich Aten

* **Bride Trivia:** Bride trivia is a great way for everybody to see how well they _really_ know you! When it’s time for the games to commence, hand out a trivia pamphlet to each lady, letting them know cheating isn’t allowed! Once everyone is finished filling out the pamphlet, have the bride say the answers, and each person who got the right answer raises their hand. Whoever had the most correct answers is the winner!
* **Musical Bouquet:** Instead of musical chairs, play musical bouquet! Play fun tunes and have your ladies pass around a bouquet of flowers. Whoever is the last one in the circle is the winner!
* **A Stroll Down Memory Lane:** When you send out the bridal invites, attach a blank notecard and have your ladies fill it out with a fond bride-included memory. When the time comes and everyone is gathered together, have each guest share their favorite memory! This is a sweet and endearing way to take a stroll down memory lane with all your favorite ladies!
* **Dec-A-Cupcake: **Have each lady decorate their own cupcake, giving them all the items they need such as icing, sprinkles, and toppers. Here’s the fun part; before everyone takes a bite, let them know there’s a ring inside one of the cupcakes, and whoever has the ring is the next one to get married!
Make your bridal shower even more memorable with fun and exciting games!
Involve each of your guests, effectively breaking the ice and possibly helping
to create future friendships. Have fun and get creative!

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