A Black Tie Affair

Black doesn’t have to be reserved for funerals – in fact, if you design it
right, you can have a classy, gorgeous black and white wedding. Here are just
a few helpful tips! **Entire Attire:** Here’s where simplicity comes into
play. Black and white are incredibly bold colors in and of themselves. You
want to pick bridesmaid dresses that are _simply_ elegant; avoid too much
ruffle and fluff. For the gentleman, have them where the classic tuxedos –
this really adds a touch of class to the entire affair. **Tips to Top It
All:** Black and white weddings are gorgeous, classy, and romantic. But you
have to be careful not to go overboard with decorations, accent colors, and so

* **Accent Colors:** You want to have an accent color that matches your theme. If you’re going for elegant, opt for a crimson red or a deep purple. If you want something a little more laid back, you could opt for blush pinks and soft yellows.
* **Accent Color Tips:** DON’T GO OVERBOARD! With the accent colors, you want to sneak it in to add just a hint of elegant boldness or ethereal softness.
* **Flowers:** Opt for lilies, white roses, baby’s breath, or anything else _white_. This really ties the whole affair together, giving off an aura of royal sophistication and elegance.
* **Decorations:** Like the accent colors, you don’t want to go overboard. Opt for simple and elegant, like candelabras and flower petals. Let the black and white boldness speak for itself.
**Delicious Delicacies:** Decide on whether you want to have a full course meal or if you want just hors d’oeuvres; play with the elegance by serving the right food.

Black and White Wedding by Dizzy Girl

* **Desserts:** Use your desserts as an accent piece. For example, use black and white chocolates with red strawberries; pop in some color with food here and there. Remember – don’t go overboard with the accent colors!
* **Cake:** Black and white cakes “take the cake” so to speak when it comes to elegance. A simple black and white cake really speaks of sophistication and style.
* **Drinks:** Opt for “classy” alcoholic beverages, such as red or white wines, martinis, and champagne.
* **Meal:** If you want to go with a full course meal, make sure it’s as elegant as your wedding. Opt for salads, steak or gourmet chicken, and a gourmet side.
Black and white weddings are elegant, fabulous, and unforgettable. Spruce it
up with exquisite decorations and minimal accent colors. Black is back!

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