Boo-tified and Classy – A Halloween Wedding!

Eleven short days until ghosts, pumpkins, and vampires grace our door steps and make the customary “trick or treat!” calls. For the ever-so-brave bride who’s opting for a Halloween wedding with a classy twist, I applaud you. I know it’s coming up _soon_, so the jitters and last minute preparation musts are setting in! Don’t worry though; here are just a few decoration, food, and drink tips for you to throw in for the perfect, classy Halloween wedding!

**Colors:** For a Halloween wedding, you’ll want to opt for darker colors to really set off the mood. Some color options include:
* Black
* White- (This could be your main color, and use the other colors as your accents).
* Red
* Lavender purple
* Orange

**Decorations:** For a classier Halloween wedding, don’t go for blood dripping fangs, spooky witches, and dead stuff. Instead, opt for things like:
* **Candles:** Cozy, yet spooky! Especially if they’re in a black candelabra.
* **Lanterns:** Lanterns will add the perfect rustic, classy, Halloween touch.
* **Centerpieces:** Twigs are great! If you want to incorporate “Halloween death” without seeming ghoulish, try for twigs and sticks placed in black or red vases. Classy, yet Halloween-ish.
* **PUMPKINS!** I love pumpkins – pumpkin everything, actually. If you want to really make your Halloween themed wedding classy, try painting your pumpkins white and then dipping the tops in glitter. Gorgeous!
* **Black Lace:** On your table cards, seating charts, or napkin holders, you could incorporate black lace (instead of spider webs) to give off that Halloween, classy feel.

**The Tables:**
* **Table Settings:** For place settings and seating arrangements, go Halloween-themed. Instead of each table being a city or country, try having each table Halloween-themed, such as The Vampires, The Witches, etc…
* **Table Cloths:** Black table cloths are perfect. Make sure your centerpieces have lots of color though in order to soften the harshness.

**Food:** Of course, for fun food, try:
* **Candy Bar:** Have a Halloween-candy bar as your appetizer section. Your guests will love you for it!
* **Pumpkin Everything:** Oh my goodness, pumpkin is in the air! Try having a lot of pumpkin-y foods, such as pumpkin soup, pumpkin pie, pumpkin bread, pumpkin cake, and anything else pumpkin you can think of.

**Drinks:** For alcoholic beverages, have fun with your Halloween theme! Some alcoholic beverage ideas include (but are definitely not limited to!):
* Bloody Mary’s
* Spiced Rum Apple Cider
* Pumpkin Martini’s (it’s pumpkin, therefore, my favorite!)

Pumpkin Martini by Ally Mauro

Remember, for your Halloween-themed wedding, have fun with the decorations and the color scheme! If you’re opting for a classier wedding, than go for fun, not bloody! And please, no “till death do us part” coffin wedding ring holders…

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