Bridal Accessories from Head to Toe!

Your dress is gorgeous (to say the least) but every girl has to have accessories! From tiaras to gorgeous peep-toe heels, you’ll be able to top off the perfect look with ease! There’s a lot to consider when shopping for accessories, so make sure you know exactly what you want before the shopping ensues!

Hair Piece by Lianne Nichols

**Headed to Perfection:** Whether you’re going for all-out princess attire or looking for a simple flower piece to complete the look, you’re guaranteed to look ravishing!
* **Head Pieces:** There are lots of different head pieces out there that are great for just about any wedding theme. A few ideas include:****
* **Tiara:** Perfect for the Princess-bride! From ornate and elegant to simple and sweet, there are tons of different styles to choose from.****
* **Hair Accessories:** From large pearl and diamond appliques to a small brooch-like piece, you can really add pizazz to your gorgeous hairstyle.****
* **Head Bands:** Another great choice to add that little touch of beauty.****
* **Pearls:** Strategically placed throughout your billowing locks, this will really add a touch of class.****
* **Flowers:** Something simple and elegant – perfect for the outdoor, vintage wedding!****
* **Veils: **There are many different veil types, so make sure to choose one that goes well with your dress and wedding style. Some styles include:****
* Cathedral****
* Fingertip length****
* Elbow length****
* Shoulder length****
* Birdcage (my personal favorite!)** **

**Body:** Spruce up your wedding dress with a gorgeous accent belt or sash! Also, you can’t forget about a necklace (if your wedding dress needs one) to really spruce up the look. There are tons of belts and necklaces to choose from such as:
* **Sash:** Some styles include:
* Sash with applique (pearls and diamonds galore!)
* Thick/thin rhinestone belt
* Floral and rhinestone sash
* **Necklaces**: If you’re going to have a necklace, opt for something simple and elegant like a pearl or diamond piece. You want to accentuate without being overdone – this isn’t the time for a huge statement necklace (unless, of course, your simple dress would go well with one!).** **

**Tootsies:** Ah, the best part! Some shoe types include:
* Stilettos (make sure to have flip flops or ballet flats handy – your feet will probably be blistering sore by the end of the night.)
* Heels
* Peep-toe pumps
* Ballet Flats
* Boots (my favorite! I did this and LOVED it!)

Remember, accessorize to accentuate! Have fun, find the best accessories that go the greatest with your wedding dress, and spruce it up!

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