Bridal Shower Attire for the Bride: To Wear or Not to Wear?

Think of bridal showers as a formal affair – think gussied up, your best sundress, and your favorite accent jewelry. Let’s take a look at some do’s and don’ts when it comes to your bridal shower attire!

What to Wear: This day is all about you as a woman who’s about to bask in the glory of wife-hood, so embrace it! Own this day with a snappy outfit that really brings out your soon-to-be wedding day glow. Here are a few options for you to try!

  • Dresses: This is a very popular choice, simply because of its feminine aura. A few great dresses include:

  • Sundresses: A gorgeous sundress is definitely a go-to, especially in the summer months. Choose a sundress that’s posh and elegant. Any style, color, and length is a great choice! If you want to be super “put-together” you could even choose a sundress that matches your wedding colors.

  • Maxi Dress/Skirt: I personally love this option because there is so much you can do with a maxi skirt. A maxi dress is fantastic too because not only is it comfortable, but you can make it as fancy or as comfortable as you want.

Maxi Dress by KristinaJ

  • Shoes: For you spring or summer brides, the world of shoes is open to you. Remember though to wear shoes that are appropriate for your location – for those outside, avoid stilettos. For those inside, your options are endless! Here are some great ideas:

  • Heels: Open toed heels, stilettos, and wedges are feminine, fun, and adorable.

White Wedges by Wicker Paradise

  • Sandals: Sandals are fantastic since they go with anything and everything. Choose a sandal that’s super girly, blingy, and feminine!

  • Jewelry: You can really sass up your attire by adding some chunky jewelry! By throwing on a [large bubble necklace]( or dangling earrings, you can really add some spice to your appearance. Throw on your favorite watch and a bracelet or two, and your look is complete!

Statement Necklace by Carolina Buzio

  • **Colors:** This is totally up to you, and whatever color you choose will look fantastic, but since you’re the bride, you could always opt for a white dress/skirt and white accent pieces to really pinpoint you as the bride and center of attention. If you choose not to wear white, opt for a bright color or a printed dress.

What Not to Wear: So, we’ve taken a look at some great pieces that you can throw together for a perfect bridal party, but what about the pieces you should avoid? Here’s a list of no-no’s you should definitely avoid:

  • Cut-off Shorts: These are great for days at the house, shopping, or hanging out, but cut-off jean shorts look tacky at an event like this. If you want to wear shorts, opt for a classy, longer cut short, like a Lilly Pulitzer piece.

  • T-Shirts: I know this seems obvious, but please avoid your t-shirts for this special occasion, no matter how “fancy” or bejeweled it is. Instead, opt for a blouse or a tank and jean jacket if you’re wearing a maxi skirt.

  • Flip Flops: Sandals are OK, flip flops are not. Take your flip flops to the beach, not your bridal shower.

  • Mini Skirts or Mini Dresses: Although great for the club, a super short skirt or super short dress isn’t appropriate. You want your image to be classy, chic, elegant, sophisticated, feminine, and pretty, not racy and club-ready. So now that you have a few ideas, remember to enjoy this day and to relax! This is a moment where you get to spend a few precious hours with the ladies you love most!

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