Bridal Shower Do’s and Don’ts

When it comes to bridal showers, there are just a few do’s and don’ts that you need to keep in mind. it’s a time for celebration and pure enjoyment, so here are some great ideas for you to keep in mind!

Bridal Shower by Clever Cupcakes

Bridal Shower Do’s: Here are some great ideas for you to consider when hosting and planning for your bridal shower: * It’s Ok to have multiple parties. In fact, my now mother-in-law hosted one for me as well as my piano teacher. Having two bridal showers is great because you can make sure all the ladies you love can be there! * As far as invitations go, they don’t have to be fancy, just classy. Don’t send out a mass text or a mass email to all your friends; find a great invitation that you like that’s simple, chic, and the style of your wedding.

Bridal Shower Invitation by Sarah Parrott

  • Games are great! Not only do they ensure that your guests interact, but it also gives them an opportunity to meet one another and enjoy their time at your party. No matter what bridal shower game or games you choose, it’ll help to break the ice for everyone.
  • Thank You cards are a must, and the sooner the better. Within a week is great, but no more than three weeks. Sending out a thank you card lets your guests know that you are appreciative of their gifts, time, support, and love.

Thank You Cards by Faraz Dhishoom

  • Have plenty of finger foods. Besides enjoying time with the bride, the food and beverages is the best part!

Bridal Shower Appetizers by Tatyana Kanzaveli

Bridal Shower Don’ts:

  • As the bride, you’re supposed to have a say on style and who comes to your shower, but you’re not the one planning it. Let a trusted friend or family member (who wants to!) plan your bridal shower.
  • Please, please don’t invite people to your bridal shower if they’re not invited to your wedding. That’s just asking for hurt feelings and disagreements.
  • Don’t forget to include where the bride is registered. Whether you include it on a little note within the invitation, or (if the bride and groom have a website) include the address to their bridal website.
  • Don’t plan a shower without a plan. Have a to-do list and a generalized plan of how the bridal shower needs to run. Usually, the maid of honor, the bride’s mom, or the groom’s mom will host the shower. Of course, other people are allowed to host your bridal shower if they want to! Just remember, as the bride enjoy the time and send out your thank you cards!

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