{Bridal Style} Beautiful, Vintage, Era-Inspired Dresses

If you know me, you know I love a vintage-inspired wedding, and from talking to readers, I know I’m not alone. With a mass of North American weddings opting for a vintage theme, many brides are choosing gorgeous vintage-inspired wedding dress styles as well — specifically lace dresses in Victorian style with dramatic silhouettes reminiscent of Old Hollywood silent movies.

If you’re in the market for a vintage-inspired gown, you must check out the brand that many brides associate with the romance of years past – the Nataya. Dresses of this brand have grown in popularity thanks to inimitable silhouette invented by Inga Nataya, the creative designer of the brand. Here are a few of my very favorites:

Beautiful Titanic era dresses have become the signature of the brand — a style that gained popularity after James Cameron’s Titanic created a bit of Titanic-mania, but that’s not the only reason we’re loving them! This trend is also very feminine and romantic, which is clearly perfect for a wedding. These upper-waist dresses are very versatile, they hide most figure flaws, and they come in a variety of colors, which enables you to choose something a bit different than traditional white if you so choose.

If you’re shopping for a Titanic-style dress for yourself or someone else in your bridal party, keep in mind that darker colors look great on informal and offbeat brides. However, they’re also a good choice for mothers and ‘maids in more traditional affairs.

We’re also loving the brighter colored dresses, which look great on bridesmaids when the bride dresses in a white or off-white Titanic dress, and her maids are dressed in blue or mauve Titanic era outfits.

If the Titanic-inspired line isn’t quite for you, it’s only one style in a variety of collections by Nataya, which offers plenty of other styles and silhouettes.

Empire waisted gowns are another specialty of Nataya. This type of silhouette fits most female bodies and is used in neo-Empire dresses, Old Hollywood inspired dresses and so called “la belle époque” inspired dresses. The Tango and flapper inspired dresses may be called “catching an eye” dresses as well.

If you’re a vintage bride seeking a vintage-inspired dress like the ones we’ve shared here, be sure to check out those and other beautiful styles by Nataya, and find inspiration here!

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