{Bridal Style} Wedding Veil Styles & How to Wear Them

As simple looking as they are, wedding veils aren’t always the easiest things
to figure out, and there are actually a few different ways to wear them,
depending on your veil style and hairstyle. Need some help figuring out how to
wear your veil? Let me explain the best ways to wear a variety of veil styles
— from birdcage to cathedral…

The Birdcage Veil

If you opted for a bird cage veil, the best way to wear it is to push the comb
near the crown of your head and let the veil fall right around your nose
_(like this one as seen on [Brenda’s Bridal Veils on
TjqN2h77ICFQGDnQodDSsAzA))_ — I’ve seen them slightly above and slightly
under. They key is not to make it cover your whole face. After all, you’re
going to need your mouth exposed when it’s time for the kiss! Cage veils can
work with hair that’s both up and down, so play around with your hair style to
see which way you like it best.

### The Flyaway Veil

If you chose this fun, layered and voluminous veil_ (like this one by [Tiffani
Saxton Designs](http://www.etsy.com/listing/83141998/wedding-blusher-veil-4
ay+veil&ga_search_type=all&ga_view_type=gallery))_, a high up-do will likely
look best. You’ll want to clip it in right at the top of your up-do, near the
crown of your head. That way, you can either wear it all to the back, or you
can put the top layer over your face until it’s time for the kiss.

### Elbow & Fingertip Length Veils

Of all the veil styles, I’d say elbow and fingertip length are the most
versatile, and I combined them for the sake of this post because they’re very
similar. The difference? One falls to your elbows and the other to your
fingertips. Makes sense, right? These mid-length veils go well for both casual
and formal weddings, and can be worn a variety of ways. If you’re wearing your
hair down, clip it high near the back of your head. If you’re wearing your
hair up, elbow and fingertip length veils can either be worn coming out of the
top of your up-do or below it. The only caveat is this: if you’re wearing a
lower up-do, elbow and fingertip length veils typically look better coming out
the top, or even higher up _(as shown in this photo on [Simply Blue

### The Mantilla Veil

The mantilla veil is a popular style in both Spanish and Roman Catholic
weddings, and there’s definitely a right way to wear one. If you’ve chosen
this veil style, it’s important to pin it into your hair about two inches back
from your hairline, and let it cascade over your shoulders _(as shown in this
photo from [SIBO Designs](http://www.etsy.com/listing/80192172/mantilla-veil-
gallery&ga_ship_to=US&ga_page=3&ga_search_type=all))_. Wearing it any other
way takes away from the beautifully ornate details of the veil.

### Chapel & Cathedral Length Veils

Chapel and cathedral length veils _(like this one as seen on
[LIWeddings.com](http://www.liweddings.com/chat/topic-272177-1.html))_ are by
far the longest of the bunch — extending up to 10 feet! These styles are also
the most formal and definitely the most dramatic. Because of the formality of
these veils, they look best with an up do (or a half-up style up-do), and like
elbow and fingertip length veils, can be clipped in above or below the hair
style. **So…what veil style will you be rocking on your big day?**

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