The 411 on Accessories: How & What to Wear on Your Big Day

When it comes to completing your wedding ensemble, it’s important to remember your accessories. Your dress is definitely the statement piece when it comes to your outfit, but having just the right accessories can really set it off and make your dress that much more wowing, glamorous, beautiful, and couture. So, if you’re looking for some of the hottest trend-setting accessory pieces, than you’ve come to the right place!

Statement Chandelier Earrings by Natalia Photos

  • Earrings: There are so many different types of earrings out there, but depending on your dress, your earrings can really make a statement. But, make sure you choose the right earrings so your ensemble isn’t too glitzy. For example, – High-neck dress: If your dress has a gorgeous, high-neck collar, than you’ll want to steer clear from drooping, glamourous earrings. Instead, you’ll want to opt for smaller statement pieces, something like a gorgeous stud earring or a tiny loop. – Jazz It Up: If you really want to jazz up your earrings, you can mix up the colors. For example, if you have two of the same styled earrings but different colors, wear one of each color. That will give you a fashionable & creative, yet put-together look. – Sleeveless & Simple: If your dress is sleeveless, than you can really have fun with your earrings. Choose a really long, shoulder grazing earring with an eye-catching design to really pump up your attire. – Jazz It Up: For a little bit more of a statement, choose dramatic chandelier styled earrings, like a Phoebe Philo Celine inspired piece. Of course you don’t have to pay the name brand price, but you can find great, inexpensive pieces at your local shops or online.

Pearl & Diamond Necklace by Mercury Jane

  • Necklace: This is probably one of the easiest statement pieces you’ll find. Depending on your type of dress, you can really jazz it up with a haute necklace or give your dress a kiss of perfection with a smaller piece. Here are some ideas for you: – Dress Type: Depending on your dress, again, will depend on what type of necklace you should wear. If your dress is super bedazzled on the bust area, than you’ll want to avoid gaudy necklaces. Too much is simply too much. But, if you have a simpler dress, than feel free to go as big, fashionable, and eye catching as you want! – Stay in Style: Remember, your necklace is an accent piece, which means you’ll want to stay within the same style category. For example, if you’re theme is more of a country chic wedding, a gorgeous cross necklace is a great accent piece (which is what I did!). But if your wedding is a little more black tie, opt for diamonds or pearls (or a mixture of both!) I personally love this necklace from Charming Charlies; it’s both glamorous, classy, and perfect for a beach-themed wedding! – Tip: You can find GREAT pieces for inexpensive at stores like Charming Charlies. They are my personal favorite! No matter what color or style your wedding is, Charming Charlies has it all, and it’s all organized by color (which is probably why I like it so much… my mini OCD just loves the organization of that store).

Grace Kelly Pearl & Diamond Bracelet by Mercury Jane

Bracelets: Now here’s where you can be bold without being too afraid of overdoing it. Of course you can still overdo it if your bracelet outdoes your dress in jewels, but you can still have fun (in moderation) with your bracelets. Again, a few of my favorites are from Charming Charlies. You really can’t go wrong with bracelets! For example, this piece is perfect; it’s a statement without being to audacious. But if you want color, you can choose a bracelet that brings in your wedding’s color scheme. Simple, yet perfect. So remember, when you’re pairing your accessories, remember not to overpower your dress. Keep it simple, stately, and classy!

For You Shabby Chic Lady’s – A DIY Garter Must-Try!

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by Cierra Cline at Mode

Garter by !Koss

So, we’ve taken a look at how to make a gorgeous floral crown for your boho/shabby chic wedding, and it was about as easy and inexpensive as it gets. Not to mention it’s the perfect accent piece that just screams gorgeous, fabulously country, chic and perfect! Well, I have another fabulous DIY that you’re gonna love – your wedding garter! Now, we’ve also taken a look at some ideas for your “something blue” and a garter was one of the ideas. Going with that, we’ll go ahead and see how to make your “something new” AND “something blue”! Killin’ two birds with one stone… I like it! What You Need: Ok, you can probably tell by now that my favorite craft stores are Michaels and Hobby Lobby (especially Hobby Lobby), which means most of your materials will and can be found at one of those two stores. Of course you can find them other places as well (like Joann’s Fabrics, Amazon, Wal-Mart, etc…) so do a little shopping around to find the cheapest prices. Well, let’s get to it! – Stretchy LaceMeasuring TapeEmbellishments of your choiceNeedleScissorsPins

Vintage Garter by Faylyne

How You Do It: Now that you have all of your materials ready and set to go, let’s get started! – Take your tape measure and measure your upper thigh. Make sure you measure where you want to place the garter (usually 3 or so inches from your bum). – Now that you have your thigh measurements, cut your stretchy lace 3 inches SHORTER than what you measured. You don’t want it to slip down your leg without your hubby’s help, so make sure to cut it short for a snug fit. – Now that your lace is cut, pin the cut edges together, and then sew them together – Open up your seam that you created by sewing it, and then fold the edges down. Pin those down as well to make sure that your seam is nice and secure. – Now that your garter is sewn together, go ahead and grab all of your embellishments and appliques and sew them in the middle. You can find some great appliques here! – Tip: Make sure that your appliques are sewn on the OPPOSITE side of the seam. And don’t sew it all the way around, because in the end you want to make sure that the garter can still stretch. – Now you’re all done! If you made your very own gorgeous garter, definitely make sure to leave a comment on how the process went and most assuredly a picture! I would love to see how it went and what your thoughts are! Happy sewing!

DIY Bridal Flower Crown

I absolutely love flower crowns; to me, they’re much simpler, sweeter, and to be totally honest, a whole lot cheaper than your normal tiara or crown. Not to mention, it can be a lot of fun to make your own flower crown! Now what’s great about the these crowns is you can personalize it to meet your preference; you can choose whatever flowers you want, how big you want it, and so on. So, here’s a super crazy easy DIY that’s perfect for making your own gorgeous bridal flower crown!

Bridal Crown by Faylyne

The Materials You Need: Like pretty much every other DIY we’ve looked at, you can get most any of these materials at Joann’s, Hobby Lobby, Michael’s, or any of your other favorite shops. So, let’s take a look at what you need! * Floral Wire * Floral Tape * Floral Wire Cutters * Greenery of your choice (flowers, greenery, etc…)

Floral Crown by Faylene

What You Do: Now that you have all of your materials, let’s go ahead and get started! * Take your wire and measure it around your head. Cut it to where it fits properly. Make sure it’s loose enough so when you put the flowers on it, it’s not too tight. * Now that you have the wire cut to the proper length, wrap it several times around with your tape. The more you wrap the ends, the better. * Go ahead and grab all of your gorgeous flowers and your beautiful greenery. Arrange the greenery how you want it, then tape it with your floral tape. * Grab your beautiful flowers (make sure the stems are about 3 inches long so you can tape the flower on the wire) and place them where you want them. Now that you have your flowers where you want them go ahead and start taping away! * Now that your flowers are properly arranged and taped onto the wire, you’re all finished! I think one of the greatest parts of this whole project is it costs less than $15 (not including your flowers)! This is one of my absolute favorite DIY’s. It’s so easy and probably one of the most inexpensive projects that it’d be crazy not to try it! Now, as far as hairstyles go, keeping your locks down is probably one of the greatest ways to wear your crown. Loose curls or beach waves are the best and look fantastic, giving you a more country chic, heavenly beauty look. Another great hairstyle for this crown is your loose, styled messy, curly chignon bun. I absolutely love those types of buns, and they look great in any and every style wedding. For those of you who have a country-styled wedding, definitely be sure to try this out! If you tried this DIY, definitely make sure to let me know how it goes! Pictures are great too! Happy styling!

Boho Floral Bridal Crown by Faylyne

DIY Vintage Wedding Dress Sash

Beautiful Wedding Dress Sash by Tiffany Fulmer Photography

So you know how most ladies love to accent their pieces with a gorgeous set of jewelry, sexy shoes, or another piece of clothing? Well, you can do the same with your wedding dress. For example, a chic vintage sash is a great example of an accent piece! If you’re like me, you have a flair for the _simple_, but on your wedding day, it’s ok to set aside your simple side and take hold of more attention grabbing pieces. Not all wedding dresses come with belts (mine didn’t), so if you want to add a little something to your wedding dress, here’s a super simple DIY just for you!

Materials Needed: With every great project is a fun shopping day! You can find pretty much all of these materials at any of your favorite craft stores, like Michaels, Hobby Lobby, Joann’s, or anywhere else you fancy. So go ahead and grab your pen and paper and jot down these few items!

What to Do: Now that you have materials in hand, get ready to make the most gorgeous (and inexpensive) wedding sash you’ve ever laid eyes on! And remember, you can always tailor it to meet your desires; for example, if you want beads and pizazz, great! if you want vintage flowers, fantastic! Whatever your heart desires, go for it!

  • Measure the beaded trim to the right size of your waist. Measure exactly where the belt will be on your wedding dress, which is usually on your rib cage, a little below your bust.

  • Depending on how thick you want your belt, you can either sew two to three trims side by side, or you can stick with one trim (depending on how wide your trim is). Remember, tailor it to your desires and specifications.

  • Sew the ribbon to the back of your trim once your trim is sewn together. Whip stitching by hand is one way you can do it, and if you’re not sure how, here’s a tutorial for you to follow.

  • Sew on the first clasp to one end of the belt.

  • Sew the second clasp onto the elastic part and then sew the elastic onto the actual belt for more give and security.

  • Another alternative to the clasps is to have excess ribbon that goes past the trim. You can use that ribbon to tie a bow at the back rather than clasping it. Either way is gorgeous, just one takes less steps and less sewing. Whatever you prefer!

  • Hot glue the very ends of your belt to keep the stitching and beading from unraveling – prevent a wardrobe malfunction at all costs!

  • You’re all done! Enjoy and look fabulous!

Wedding Dress Sash by Echo Life Photography

This is such an inexpensive alternative to the very expensive (and sometimes cheap looking) belts that come with your wedding dress that it would be silly not to make your own (if you wanted a belt, of course!) So if you’re an artistic, needle-savvy lass, than definitely make sure to create a belt and then let me know how it all goes! I’d love to hear all about your process and to see some pictures!

And thanks to Tiffany with Tiffany Fulmer Photography at [][] I now have beautiful photos to share and show with y’all!

Quirky Colors for the Quirky Bride

Check out [The Boldest Lip Colors for the Boldest Beauties]( beauties/9392102) by Cierra Cline at Mode

We’ve seen a lot of different traditional how-to’s as far as makeup and hairstyles go. Well, what about those of you who have a unique, quirky style preference! If you want bold, beautiful, and bodacious, than here are some pretty fantastic lip color ideas just for you!

Bold Lips for the Lass: Most traditional brides opt for something that’s softer and natural. If you want something that’s out-of-this-world, than take a look at some of these ideas!

  • Vivacious Reds: Red lipstick seems to be one of the hottest lip color trends today. Makeup artists and stylists are coming up with colors and ways for everyone (redheads included!) to wear red, and it’s absolutely incredible. Being a redhead myself (unfortunately not naturally, but hey, a girl can try) and having the option to wear red lipstick is an absolute dream! Here are just a few of the hottest red lipstick colors for you to try on your wedding day!

Red Lipstick by Mariam Boabbas

  • Candy Apple Red: This is simply too hot to trot. I absolutely _love_ bold red lips. It adds a pop of pizazz, bringing a lot of color to your whole look. It really emboldens your whole style, making you look hot, sassy, and incredibly sexy!

  • Tips: As a tip, use a liner that matches your actual lip color, not your lip_stick_ color.

  • Neon Red: This one is kind of like the Candy Apple Red, but a bit brighter, a little bolder. It’s absolutely fantastic for that eye catching “wow!” factor.

  • Tip: If you’re going to have bold lips, tone it down on everything else, like your eye makeup and hair style. You don’t want to look like you’re wearing stage makeup.

  • Orange-y Red: This takes on a whole new level when it comes to lipsticks. It has a little bit of an orange hue to it, making it a fabulous color.

  • Tip: This shade of lipstick is best used for those with a medium skin tone. For a sexy “BAM!” to your makeup, this is the color for you!

  • Maroon Red: I think this is my favorite shade of red. It’s still a bold color, but it’s not your Candy Apple Red kinda bold.

  • Tip: This is an awesome color for those of you with darker skin tones. It’s super complimentary, sexy, and very chic.

  • Perfect Plum: Plum is another bold color that’s taking the stage in 2015. It’s a darker shade that really complements out your skin tone. For those of you who want a bold, darker color, this is definitely the color you want to go for.

  • Tip: Wear concealer under your lipstick. This will ensure that you lipstick will stay a whole lot longer. The longer, the better.

Purple & Pink Lipsticks by Maria Morri

  • Prissy Pink: Think hot, bold pink, not your neutral pink. This is a gorgeous color that makes you look sassy, sweet, and super sexy. This is a bold color that will really draw attention to your gorgeous, glowing face.

  • Tip: If you want long lasting lip color, opt for a lip stain, rather than a lipstick. There are tons of different colors, brands, and types of stains, so your choices and options are endless. Now that we have a few awesome shades of lipsticks and stains you can choose from, go ahead and start shopping and looking around! Make sure to visit a good makeup store with helpful clerks so they can show you all the different (right shades!) of lipsticks you can choose from. Make sure to leave a comment for me to let me know what shade of lipstick you chose!

Unique and Beautifully Budgeted DIY Bridal Cake

I used to work in a bakery and loved all the fantastic creations the decorators made out of cakes. They were simply fantastic. And, not to mention, one of my all-time favorite TV shows is Ace of Cakes – fantastic. Every time I watch that show I want to dig into one of those awesome cakes. Well, with all of this cake making going on and wedding bells ringing, a thought came to my mind – how about making a bridal shower cake? Daunting, right? Not so much. If you’re hosting a bridal shower for a bride, than take a breath and realize that you don’t have to spend an arm, a leg, and two fingers on a _cake_. Another thing you don’t have to worry about – you don’t have to be a pro and an artist to decorate a cake. So, in order to prove the ease of creating your own bridal shower cake, here are some ideas for ya!

Bridal Shower Cake by Grace Tari

Tea Cakes, Anyone? Ok, I know for a bridal shower cake, you usually think of a three tiered round cake. Well, how about something unique, different, and delicious? How about cranberry-orange-walnut tea cakes? Absolutely delicious, right?! What’s great about this cake is you can make mini tea cakes or one large one. Super chic, super unique, and super delicious!

Here’s the recipe for you

Cranberry Cake by Tea at Karas

*Cheesecake Cake:** Seriously, who doesn’t love cheesecake? And who would have thought about having cheesecake at a bridal shower? Brilliant, right? What’s great about this recipe is it’s a no-bake cake. Can’t get much better than that! Here’s an [easy-to-follow recipe]( II/?prop24=hn_slide1_No-Bake-Cheesecake-II&evt19=1) for you!

Cheesecake Cake by no name

Mini Bundts: Oh my gosh, I absolutely love mini bundt cakes, and these are absolutely delicious! For an evening bridal shower, you can serve these little cakes with a cup of coffee or hot tea – absolutely perfect. Take a look at all these [mini bundt cake recipes]( recipes)!

Mini Bundt Cake by Stéphanie Kilgast

Candied-Pecan Cake w/ Browned-Butter Pears: Holy deliciousness. This sounds absolutely extravagant! It’s a more decadent cake than the other three, but if you’re feeling brave, than this is a fantastic cake for you to try! Make it even more delicious with bourbon-spiked whipped cream. I think I could eat this entire 4-layer cake myself… [Here’s the recipe]( browned-butter- pears#7%20Easy%20Bridal%20Shower%20Cakes%20to%20Make%20Now|/346753/bridal-shower-cakes/@center/272456/bridal-showers|346701) for this decadent heaven-sent dessert!

Candied Pecan Cake with Brown Butter Pears by maggie schreiter

Lemony Love: Ah, lemon! It’s a delicious cake for the spring and summer months. Lemons are refreshing, so what better way than to incorporate them in a delicious, easy to make Martha Stewart cake? My mouth is fairly drooling with the desire to delve into this 4-layer masterpiece! Here’s the recipe for you

Lemon Cake by Eliza Adam

These are just 5 of many bridal shower cake ideas for you to consider. They’re relatively easy, super unique, unbelievably delicious, and fantastic for many bridal shower styles! If you try any of these recipes, make sure to leave a comment and let me know how the baking process went and how it all turned out! I’m anxious to try some of these myself!

Prioritize Your List: Part 2!

Ok, so we’ve seen the first part of the list of to-do’s and you probably started freaking out a bit. Please, don’t stress. I planned my wedding in 7 months, and I had about 150-160 guests. If I can do that, so can you… trust me. So, here’s the rest of your to-do list, and once you have everything accomplished, you can breathe! One major piece of advice I gave my beautiful best friend when she was planning a wedding, and a piece of advice I’m about to give you is – take a week off from work and b_reathe._ Finish the last bits of your wedding planning and then stop. Stop worrying, stop planning, stop fretting, and stop doing. Go get a pedicure, eat some cake, take a bath, and go on a date. Seriously though, you need to take a break after this whirlwind of pure crazy planning. Enjoy! Now, onto your to-do list… **More To-Do’s: We’ve discussed how you need to start with a budget plan and then we ended with deciding where to honeymoon. Here’s the rest of your generalized to-do list: * Wedding Cake Tasting: Find a place where you want to get your [wedding cake]( and grooms cake made and then try a few flavors. There are tons of great ideas out there and so many different flavors of cake and icings, the combinations and flavors are endless!

Wedding Cakes by Ridha

  • Invitation Styles: Find a wedding [save-the-date and invitation]( that you like and decide on the wording. Find out where you want to buy them, and about 3 months before the wedding, send out your save-the-date. Then, a few weeks before the wedding, send out the invite.

Wedding Invitations by UglyKitty

  • Book Rehearsals: Book your rehearsal locations way ahead of time to make sure that you have the space. Most times, venues include rehearsal hours into the hours that you’re renting the venue for (usually 8) so you don’t have to worry about it, but just double check and make sure. * Find Your Linen Lady: Find a great store where you can rent your linens. These places usually have all your dinnerware, linens, napkins, and so on, so you’ll be good. * **Favors:** Decide on what kind of [favors]( you want and then either start shopping for the materials to make them or start looking for places to order them!

Wedding Favors by antaresjhw

  • **Trials:** Set up a date for your hair and makeup trails. You want to make sure you do this well in advance, usually a couple months before your wedding so you can schedule other appointments as needed. * Confirm Dates: Call all your vendors, peoples, and your wedding planner to make sure everything is going as planned. Make sure there are no bumps in the road and everything is ironed out. * Rehearsal Dinner Invites: Go ahead and send out the rehearsal dinner invites to make sure everyone has that date set aside. * **Licenses:** Get your marriage license, passport, and [any other documents]( you need to have in hand.

Marriage License by april

  • Rings n Things: Make sure you have the engagement rings ready and sized. Those are kind of important!

Wedding Rings by photodriven

  • Charts n Stuff: Create your seating chart and your seating numbers. The sooner, the better. * Wedding Vows: Make sure you and your fiancé have your wedding vows (if you’re doing your own) all written, proof read, and done. Woohoo! Almost done! * **Pack!** Pack for your [honeymoon](! Do this about a week before the wedding so you have everything done and set aside before the haze of hurried finalizations sets in. This is a pretty rough checklist, but it’s a starter! Make sure that you have everything set and finalized the week before your wedding! The sooner everything is completed, the better. Just make sure you relax, enjoy, and breathe! Leave a comment for me and all the other readers if you come across any need-to-know ideas and tips!

Prioritize Your List

As a new bride, you’re automatically bombarded with a million things to get done and only a short amount of time. Your automatic response is to stress, worry, and overwork yourself. Don’t! The whole wedding planning process is supposed to be fun, enjoyable, and memorable. So in order to plan your perfect wedding without losing your hair, make sure to prioritize! Here are some tips just for you!

Your Wedding To Do List: Now, you have to remember, you have to have a list to start from A and work your way to Z. You don’t want to find a caterer before you find a venue, and you don’t want to buy a dress before you set a date. Here’s a beginners list to keep you on track and focused:

  • Organize Your Budget Plan: This is the most important part. You want to have a budget, and you want to make sure that you both are on the same plan and agree that you’re not going to go over (as much as you can help). Decide on what can be budgeted and what you can splurge on. Once you have your budget in place, then you can start looking and shopping.

  • Find a Venue: You actually want to do this first because the venue you want may not have the dates available that you prefer. With that in mind…

  • Decide on a Few Dates: This is a problem I ran into. I got engaged as a college student, so I had to have a couple dates I could play with. When I found the venue I wanted, I actually had to change my original date. So decide on at least two dates that you and your fiancé are good with.

  • Hire a Planner: If this is something you want to do, then make sure you hire one ASAP. The sooner, the better. Here are some pros and cons to hiring a wedding planner.

Wedding Planner by Eleonora Gianinetto

  • Shop for Your Wedding Dress: Shopping for your wedding dress is the most enjoyable part of the whole experience, in my opinion. Now that you have a date and a venue, you’ll know when you need the dress altered by and what type of dress you need because of the venue. Also, choose what type, color, and style of bridesmaid dresses you want and shop for those too!

Wedding Dress by Parekh Cards

  • Organize Your Guest List: This may take some tinkering and heavy deciding. Depending on how large your venue is depends on how many people you can invite. So sit down with both sets of parents and work on a guest list that fits.

Guest List by Michael Delaney

  • Invite Your Bridal Party: Decide on who you want to be in your wedding and ask them in a super cute way!

  • Entertainment and Music: Start listening to some music and decide what you want on your list. Then, start shopping for DJ’s. Here are some things for you to think about when looking around for your wedding DJ.

Music Playlist by Adam Baker

  • Honeymoon Destination: Decide on where you and your fiancé want to honeymoon! This is great, so definitely do some searching and find a place where you and your soon-to-be hubby can get away! Here are some great destination ideas for ya! This is just the beginning of your to-do list! But don’t panic, once you get started, it actually does get easier. Next blog post will have the rest of your to do list, but if there’s anything I forgot to add or if you have any extra ideas, make sure to leave a comment for me below!

Thank You Card Etiquette

I have to say, one of the most important parts of a wedding is the thank you cards. Normally you wouldn’t think of it as being something major, but in all honesty, a thank you card says a lot about you. It lets your guests know that _hey, thank you for taking time to come to my wedding and buy me gifts and support me on one of the biggest day of my life_. So, now that we’ve established the importance of thank you cards, let’s look at some proper etiquette for card types, writing, and sending.

Thank You by Eileen Rivard

What to Write: It’s a daunting task, writing all those thank you cards. What’s even more daunting is knowing _what_ to write. That’s where I come in! Here are some ideas for you to take into consideration when penning your notes of appreciation:

Thank You Card by Valerie

  • Make sure to mention what gift that person gave you. Not mentioning the gift leaves the impression that you don’t remember and don’t care enough to look into it. Mentioning the gift, whether it’s an item (like a home décor piece, kitchen item, etc…) or a gift card, lets them know that you appreciate it.

  • You should also let them know how you plan to use it if they give you money or a gift card. Say something like, _Dear ____________we are so thankful for your gift card/money, and can’t wait to use it to purchase a _____________.

  • Don’t go overboard with your thanks. Too much “thank you so much”es can really be obnoxious. They get the point. Say thank you in the beginning and in the end, and that’s it.

What to Use: Ok, we know that thank you cards are important, but what kind of thank you cards? Yeah, there are a lot of options out there, but you want to make sure that the one you choose is wedding-appropriate. For example, here are some thank you “cards” you do NOT want to use:

Wedding Stationery by Andrea

  • blank, generic, plain cards
  • a thank you on your wedding website (nobody’s gonna check it after your wedding)
  • a thank you on Facebook (just plain tacky)
  • a text message or email (again, tacky) Now that we know what _not_ to use, let’s take a gander at what we should use:
  • Stationery. This is pretty much your best bet as far as thank you cards go. There are several different styles you can choose from as well, including:
  • Monogrammed – super cute, especially with your new last name initial!
  • Vintage style (my favorite, obviously)
  • Wedding colors
  • A picture of you and your spouse holding “thank you” posters

When to Send Them: Rule of thumb: the sooner, the better. You want to get those thank you cards out as soon as you start receiving gifts. But, as another rule of thumb, if you want to send them out after you get back from the honeymoon, make sure all thank you cards are sent out about 1-2 weeks post wedding. Any later and people start to wonder if you forgot them or if you care. To keep it “professional” and classy, you really, really don’t want to go any later than 6 weeks at the latest. Now that you know what to write, what to write on, and when to send your thank you cards, you’re all set! As a rule of thumb and from experience, you won’t get them all done in one day. So, set aside 2 maybe 3 days to get them all written out. Happy writing, ladies!

A Vintage Appeal: DIY Vintage Décor

As y’all probably know, one of my favorite wedding themes is vintage. It’s a taste of everything posh, elegant, and gorgeous. So, if you’re having a vintage-themed wedding, here are some of my absolute favorite DIY vintage décor ideas!

Vintage Wedding Decor by Chelsey Arnal

Making a Chalkboard Sign by Barb Hoyer

Chalkboard Signs: Ok, let’s be honest, when you look for super chic chalkboard signs, they’re a little (insanely) expensive. How about a cheaper idea that’s super easy to duplicate? Here’s how: * What You Need: * Serving Platter (you can find great ones at the Dollar General Store, super cheap!) * Painting Tape * Paint Brushes * Chalkboard Paint * Hot glue gun and glue * Ribbon * What You Do: * Start by taping the inside edges of the serving platter. * Start painting the inside of the serving platter with your chalkboard paint. Paint on several coats of paint to ensure a nice, thick layer. * Let it dry for several days. * Now that the inside is painted, remove the edge tape. * Now, tape the inside of the platter * Spray paint the edges with a base coat and a textured top coat of your color choice. * Again, let that paint dry. * Once the paint is dry, hot glue your ribbon to the back of your tray * Cover the chalkboard with chalk, and then wipe it off. Now it’s ready to use!

Doily Table Runner by Jim Grey

Doily Table Runner: Oh my goodness, this is one of my absolute favorite ideas! Everything about this is super cute, chic, and absolutely perfect. Here’s how to accomplish this: * What You Need: * Several Doilies. You can get these from garage sales, consignment stores, flea market, your grandma (what a great gift!) and any craft store. * Tacks * Thread * Needle * What You Do: * Lay out your largest doilies first * Then, go ahead and place your medium and small doilies throughout. Make sure that the little ones aren’t just on top, so arrange it to where every doily is visible. * Then, underneath the layout of your doilies, pin them together to keep them where you want them * Then, go ahead and tie little knots with your thread. Thread the thread through the doilies with a needle to make it easy. * Voila, you’re all done! Wood Ladder Sign: This is quite fantastic, actually. Instead of your regular sign, here’s a little twist to it. It’s super easy, takes hardly any time to assemble, it’s personal, and super chic and vintage. Here’s how: * What You Need: * Wooden Ladder * Picture of you and your honey * Potted Plant * Mason Jar filled with your wedding flowers * Wooden “Ceremony” sign * Wedding sign * i.e.: “…and they lived happily ever after”, “soon to be Mr. and Mrs.” etc… * What You Do: * Set up your latter so it’s in standing position * Set up each item (vase, picture, etc…) on the second, third, and fourth step (or whatever step you want) * Hang the side from the point where the two sides meet. * Stake your ceremony sing in front of the ladder, pointing to where your ceremony will be hosted. Now that you have a few great vintage decoration ideas, happy decorating! Leave a comment for me and let me know if you found any great ideas! The more ideas, the merrier!

Vintage Teacup Decor by Gemma Morgan