Destination Wedding: Preplan Everything

So far, we’ve stressed a lot on pre-planning and prepping way ahead of time.
For starts, we’ve discussed how sending out your save-the-dates a _year_ in
advance and your invitations at least 3 months in advance is vital. We’ve also
scratched the surface on sending out informational packets to all of your
guests. Since we’ve taken a glimpse at some of the preplanning ordeals, let’s
delve a little deeper. So, let’s take a look at what to include in your
invitations, what group plans you could get and where, and when you need to
have all of the wedding party’s attire decided upon, purchased, and received.
For this blog post, we’ll delve deeper into what exactly you need to include
in your wedding invitations.

Destination Wedding Invitations by Krista Guenin

**Included in the Invites:** For destination weddings, your
invitation includes more than just a final destination; it should include a
few extras to help your guests feel and be well prepared. Here are the extras
that you need to include:

* **An Address:** This is the most obvious inclusion. Your guests need to know exactly where they’re going so they have an idea of what to expect.
* **Directions and a Map:** This could be really helpful. Get “tourist” maps of the city your wedding will be in, and circle the exact location. You should also include written directions for those who don’t have a GPS. In order to keep it classy looking and not thrown together, you need to have these printed out on the same cardstock and the same style as your wedding invitation.
* **Hotel Information:** This is important if you want/can keep everyone in the same location for easy traveling purposes. Make sure to include the hotel’s address, phone numbers, fax information, and their website. The more information, the better. Also, let them know if there are any group discounts that they need to be aware of for financial purposes.
* **Flight Information:** If you are able to group rates of any kind, than make sure to include all flight information needed; include information like time of departure and arrival, what flight they’re to take, what gate they’re departing and arriving in, and if there are any delays. Also, make sure to let your guests know if there are any stops on the way, and if there are, include where the stops are, how long they are, and where they need to go to next. All the information you’re provided with give to your guests. Like I said before, the more info, the better.
* **Ceremony/Reception Location Website:** Definitely (and obviously) include your venue’s website. If your ceremony and reception are in different locations, than make sure to include both websites. That way your guests can get more information on location and so on.
**An Idea for You:** If you want to save on postage, than another thing you can do is create your own website; state on your invitation your website information, mentioning how your wedding website has all the destination wedding information mentioned above. This is one way to include all the above info for your guests. So, now that we have an idea of what information needs to be included in your invitations or on your website, you can get started! Remember, the more the better, the sooner the better!

Destination Wedding: Attire

Of course, like everything else, you want to pack and wear the appropriate
clothes depending on your wedding location, time of year, weather, etc…
Another important thing you want to keep in mind is, you want to let your
guests know what type of clothing they’ll need to pack. So, here are a couple
lists of clothing ideas (both for the wedding and after the wedding) that
you’ll want to put in your suitcase and on your wedding invites!

Island Wedding by Mandy Mayberry

**Destination Beach!** Seriously, who doesn’t love the idea of a beautiful beach wedding on an Island off the coast? It’s as romantic, sunny, and warm as it gets! So in order to have the perfect outfits and wedding attire, here are some ideas for you to consider:

* **Wedding Attire: **
* **Wedding Dress:** Think light, airy, minimalistic. Also, if you don’t want to spend thousands of dollars, opt for non-name brand dresses. [Here are some ideas](****
* Chapel A**-**Line One-Shoulder ****
* V-Neck Knee Length Lace Dress****
* Grand Mermaid/Trumpet Scoop Strapless Lace Dress****
* [A-Line/Princess V-Neck Sweep Train Chiffon Dress w/ Lace](
* **Bridesmaid Dresses**: Like your Wedding Dress, think minimalistic and light. Chiffon or nu-georgette materials are great.****
* [Alfred Sung](”UseQuickDeliverySource”:”false”,”DisplayMode”:3,”CategoryId”:”1″,”FabricList”:””,”AccessoryFabricList”:””,”ProductList”:””,”SeasonList”:””,”CategoryList”:””,”ColorList”:””,”TypeList”:””,”LineList”:””,”PantoneList”:””,”Text”:””,”IgnorePrints”:”false”,”SearchText”:””,”ColorFamilyList”:””,”AttributeMask”:”0″,”AttributeList”:””,”PriceList”:””,”Source”:””,”GetResultCount”:”true”,”CountryCode”:”us”,”SortOrder”:”1″,”Acti) Full length one-shoulder chiffon dress w/ asymmetrical draped bodice****
* Alfred Sung [Cocktail length sleeveless chiffon]( w/ draped bodice and sheer yoke detail****
* [Social Bridesmaid Cocktail length strapless nu-georgette]( w/ rouched bodice and slight hi-low detail.
* **Groom/Groomsmen Attire:** For the grooms, get creative! Let their attire be like yours – a relaxed-elegant, light, and comfortable outfit. For example, opt for something like:****
* White, long-sleeve button up, [Natural Linen Riviera pant](, and grey vest****
* Sand colored slacks and vest, white long sleeve shirt****
* Shorts, short long sleeve button up, and vest
* ****What to Pack:** **When it comes to the beach and a destination wedding, what should you pack? You want to make sure you pack a smorgasbord of clothes, but not too many, because you want to pack for the occasion. [Click here]( to get a good idea of what all you should pack for a destination wedding!
* **How to Tell Your Guests:** When it comes to a destination wedding, you want to make sure that your guests are well aware of what they should pack. Continuing with the beach/island theme, you want to make sure that they know what type of wedding you’re having and what they should expect on this vacation. Include a [packing list]( in the invitation so they’re well aware, just in case they have to do some shopping!
Making sure you and your guests are well packed will guarantee that everyone
will be comfortable! Again, just as a recap, dress for the occasion (aka light
materials, short sleeves, and shoeless!) and make sure you and your guests
have everything you need in order to be comfortable.

Destination Wedding: Save the Dates and Invitations

Because destination weddings are a little more, shall we say, exclusive and
extravagant, preparing your guests ahead of time is decent destination wedding
etiquette. You will want to make sure that your guests are well prepared so
they can take the necessary time off and save up the money for a vacation of a
life time! So, in order to prepare your guests, make sure to send out your
save-the-dates, invites, and so on well in advance!

Wedding Invitation by Sarah Parrott

**Save-The-Date Invitations: **For those who get married close to home, it’s
usual to send save-the-dates out at least three months in advance. But, like
we’ve briefly discussed, because destination weddings tend to cost a whole lot
more than your regular weddings, you will want to send out your save the dates
as soon as you have all your ducks in a row – as soon as you know _when_ and
_where _your wedding will take place, send out the save the dates. A year in
advance is a good rule of thumb. The sooner, the better. **Wedding
Invitations:** Like save the dates, wedding invitations are sent out just a
few weeks before the actual nuptials take place. But, like I said before,
because destination weddings are extravagant, than you will want to send your
wedding invites at least 2 months, if not 3 months in advance. This will give
your guests a good reminder and the ability to plan even more accordingly.
Now that we’ve taken a look at deadlines for invitations, let’s take a look at
wording etiquette. Destination weddings are expensive, and a lot of your
invitees may not be able to afford such an extravagant rendezvous. So in order
to prevent any awkward denials, make sure to word your invite so your guests
don’t feel pressured to go. Also, word it to where your guests don’t feel as
if you’re inviting them out of courtesy only – don’t overdo the “you don’t
have to come if you can’t” wording. So, here are a few wording tips for you to
consider. **Invitation Wording: **With destination wedding invitations, you
want to give as much information as possible, in a fun way! Another tip – in
the invitation, include packets and all the information they need for plane
tickets, hotel rooms, cruise info, and the like. The more information, the
better. Ok, as far as wording goes, here are a couple examples:

* “Escape to paradise with us! We’re saying ‘I Do’ at the Beach Palace in Cancun, Mexico on…”
* “Sunlight showers the Tiffany Sea, just as you shower us with your unconditional love. Please join us (your names here) for our special day in…
We’ve got the low-down now on deadlines, etiquette, and wording, you can go on
confidently! Just a few things to remember – send out your invites well in
advance, word it properly, give a lot of information, and enjoy the rest of
your planning! Happy planning!

Destination Wedding: Marriage Requirements

If you’re getting married overseas or on a cruise ship, then you will have to
take a few extra steps in order to get legally married. For those of you
looking at [getting married on a cruise ship or in another
country](, than here are a few
things that you’ll need to do!

Carnival Cruise by Edward Weston

**Marriage Requirements for A Cruise Wedding:** From the officiant to the legal processes, there are a ton of different steps to take. First, we’ll go ahead and look at the requirements for a cruise wedding.

* **The Officiant:** In order to get legally married, than there are only specific cruise ships and locations that you can do so. For example, with [Carnival](, in certain locations such as New Orleans or California your ceremony will be officiated by a Minister. If you’re traveling to Cozumel, than your marriage will be officiated by a Judge.
* **Where Do You Get Married?** When you’re on a cruise ship, you will get married at port _before_ you take off. Unfortunately, you can’t get married while sailing along the beautiful crystal waters, but getting married at port isn’t so bad! All the celebrating can be done while sailing, so no fun is lost!
* **What location is the Marriage Ceremony Hosted?** A lot of cruises have a few different room locations for you to choose from depending on what size your wedding party is.
* **Licensing Information:** In order to receive your marriage license, you will need to retrieve one from the location where the wedding will be hosted. If you and your fiancé are getting married in Cozumel for example, than you will need to get a license from there. Look up the specific steps needed in order to get your marriage license. Also, d_efinitely_ make sure that your country and jurisdiction accepts a marriage license from a different jurisdiction.
**Marriage Requirements for a Wedding Abroad:** Now that we’ve taken a gander at the requirements for a cruise wedding, let’s take a delve into the requirements of a foreign country wedding:

* **The Officiant: **Due to the fact that the marriage will be performed outside of state lines, the marriage cannot be performed by a US officiant. The marriage has to be performed by someone who is a resident of the country you are getting married in.
* **What is Required?** In some countries and locations, having [an affidavit is required]( to become legally married. For example, you may need a statement with your signature stating that yes, you and your spouse are eligible to get married. Talk to your wedding coordinator and go to your local courthouse to make sure all your ducks are in a row.
* **Is Residency Required?** In some cases, yes, you have to become a “resident” of a country in order to be legally married there. Make sure to do your homework – you and your spouse will need to look and see how long you need to be in a certain area before the nuptials are performed.
* **Who Should You Contact for Legal Information?** When it comes to legal steps, you should contact the Attorney General Office where you live in order to see what all you need.
There are a lot of steps you have to take in order to get legally married
outside of the United States, but if it’s something you’ve always wanted to
do, than definitely go for it!

Destination Wedding: The Expenses

This is usually the least favorite part of the wedding planning that we like
to discuss. Talking money might be the least favorite, but it’s the most
important part of the planning process. If you’re having a destination
wedding, than you need to take a few other things into consideration. Here are
a few different ideas for you to take into consideration when planning your
destination wedding! **The Budget:** If you’re on a budget and you still want
to have a destination wedding, than you need to invite, plan, and travel
accordingly. Here are a few budget tips that you need to consider:

* The Cruise Wedding: If you want to get married on a cruise ship, than look for package deals. If you look for group deals, you can usually get a discount. So start shopping to start saving! Once you have the group deals, decide on how to properly and equally split the bill with your guests.
* Different Country or State: If you’re getting married outside of your hometown, than you’ll have to schedule plane tickets, hotels, and the like. Again, like a cruise wedding, shop for group deals to save a little extra cash on both plane tickets and hotel rooms.
**Who To Pay For:** When it comes to your destination wedding, there are certain people that you should pay for in order to have them included in your wedding. Here is a list of people you should pay for (remember, for the most part you don’t have to pay for these individuals, but it’s a good idea to do so).

Wedding Hairstylist by David Clow

* Your Hairstylist: If you want your hairstylist to do you and your bridesmaid’s hair on your wedding day, than you should probably pay their way. Also, make sure you find, schedule, and invite your hairstylist well in advance so they won’t have to cancel any appointments.
* Your Makeup Artist: Like your hairstylist, you will probably have to pay their way. You don’t have to pay for everything, like their excursions or tours, but you will probably need to pay for their hotel and plane ticket, or for their cruise.
* Your Photographer: Again, pay their way, but not their extras. (This is if you have a particular person that you really want to photograph your wedding. Otherwise, there are probably photographers at the place you’re getting married as part of the package.)
* The DJ: Same goes with the DJ as the photographer.
**What To Pay For:** Again, you don’t need to pay for everything for every guest. There are only certain things, like transportation, that you’ll need to cover. Here are a few suggestions:

* Transportation from Ceremony to Reception: If your reception is at a different location than your ceremony, it would be a good idea to pay for any buss/taxi/etc… fees there may be.
* Resort Fees: Some resorts require an entrance fee. If that’s so for your ceremony/reception, than you need to pay those fees for your guests.
Remember, it’s not necessary to pay for everyone and to pay for everything.
There are only certain things that you should pay for, for certain people.
Things like group deals will help to save you and your guests a little extra
cash, and paying for certain people that don’t have to go (like those who
don’t have familial or friendship ties) will give them incentive to go!

Destination Wedding: Timing is Everything

For those of you who are planning a destination wedding, you want to keep in
mind that timing is everything. If you want a winter or fall wedding, than
going on a cruise or to an Island is definitely not the best place. On the
other hand, if you’re wanting to go somewhere like Paris, Italy, or anywhere
else that sparks your romantic interests, than maybe fall or winter will be a
great time for a destination wedding. Here are just a few ideas for you to
keep in mind if you’re planning a destination wedding!

Married on the Beach by Carlos Mendoza Lima

**Cruise, Cruise, Cruise!** I’ve been on two cruises and I’m absolutely
hooked! I love everything about them – the food, the entertainment, being at
sea for 7 days, the people, the drinks, the atmosphere – everything about a
cruise is absolutely fantastic. To me, it’s the vacation of all vacations. If
you want to get married on a cruise ship, than here are a few ideas for you to
keep in mind:

* **Time of Year:** Depending on the time of year will depend on the traffic, or busyness, of the cruise ship. To be honest, if it’s a great time of year, such as spring time, than the cruise ships will be packed. Try not to schedule your wedding during spring break or summer break, as the ships will be chalk full of hyper school kids. Another thing to think about though, is if you’re going on a cruise, than you don’t want to go during the rainy season or cold season. You want to enjoy the cruise, and you want your guests to be glad they came! So, early spring or early summer are great times, as long as you don’t go during school holidays!****
* **Types of Cruises:** There are many different types of cruise ships, how big they are, where they go, and where you load. You’ll want to find a ship that’s large enough to host your guests and one that docks in a central location.****
**Destination: Different Country:** If you’re going to a different country, than you’ll definitely want to research the best time of year. Depending on the season of your preference, you’ll want to schedule (dress, pack, and prepare!) correctly. And, like cruises, you’ll want to look up locations, times, and seasons that are heavily trafficked with tourists. Another thing to keep in mind is hurricane seasons, snow seasons, tornado season, and any other catastrophic weather pattern that the city, state, or country may experience on a yearly basis. Plan accordingly and make sure to host appropriately. For example, if you want to get married during rainy or snow season, than make sure your wedding is indoors. It’s the little things that tend to make a big difference, so make sure to do your research! Destination weddings are so much fun! I mean, it’s a vacation of a life time, something you can do with the love of your life and all your closest friends and family! So, take into consideration the time, the season, and tourist times, and you’ll do just fine!

Destination Wedding

Think dancing waves kissing the side of a gliding cruise ship, the sounds of
singing birds, whispering waves, and island music serenading you and your
guests in musical and nature filled bliss. Think of a distant country, and
days filled with family, friends, and unique foods, beverages, and music. A
destination wedding is not only fun, but it’s a once in a life time experience
you can have with all of your closest friends and family members! For those of
you wanting to get married on a cruise ship or in a different country, here
are a few tips and important facts for you to keep in mind! Throughout the
next few blog posts, we’ll be delving deeper into the topics we’ll be going
over briefly in this blog post. So, prepare yourself for one of the best
vacations you’ll ever have!

Wedding on a Cruise Ship by Southern WI

**Timing Is Everything:**
The one thing you really have to keep in mind is the weather and timing.
Unlike the freedom of having a wedding here in your hometown, you have to plan
ahead and schedule it for the perfect time of month and the right season. You
can’t get married at just any time if you want to have a picture perfect
destination wedding. Also keep in mind that the perfect time of year for a
cruise is also the perfect time for tourists – you’ll be competing for space
on a cruise ship, something you wouldn’t usually have to factor in.
**Destination Expenses:** If you’re on a budget, than a destination wedding
probably isn’t a perfect choice. You have a lot of extra expenses, such as
paying some people’s ways (like a photographer, beautician, musicians, and
maybe even some family members) as well as other expenses. For a destination
wedding, think _small_ guest list. **Marriage Requirements:** Destination
weddings are a little tricky – you have to figure out what steps you have to
take in order to get legally married. If you’re not getting married in the
States, than you have to jump through extra hoops, such as residency
requirements and such. **Early Save the Dates:** With a destination wedding,
you want to let all of your guests know way, way, _way_ ahead of time. Your
usual 2-3 month save the date send out timeline won’t work for a destination
wedding. Also, be prepared for people to gracefully decline; it’s expensive to
go on a trip, so be prepared for a lot of people to gracefully bow out.
**Wedding Attire:** Have fun with this part of the planning – dress the part!
If you’re getting married on an island, than find the perfect dresses and
men’s attire to fit the part. This could be a really fun shopping experience!
**Preplan Everything**: This is super important – you’ll want to preplan and
have everything set up as soon as you get your attending guest list. Make sure
everyone knows where to go, what time to get there, and so on. Shop for group
rates for hotels, the cruise, and everything else you can think of. **Visit
Your Destination:** If you’re getting married on an island or in a different
country, than this is super important. You can’t really plan if you don’t know
exactly what everything looks like. Pictures only tell so much, so if you can,
try to go at least once or twice. Now that we’ve got a general idea of what
_some_ of the requirements look like, get ready to delve in deeper these next
few days! And remember, enjoy every moment of every part of the planning

Vintage Makeup for the Vintage Bride

When it comes to your complete appearance for your wedding, having the perfect
makeup really helps to bring everything together! If you really want to look
the part of a vintage bride, try a few of these makeup tips to help you!
**Makeup To-Do’s:** When it comes to makeup and looking your pristine best,
you want to make sure that everything is done correctly; you want the look to
match in order to make you look your absolute best. To do so, you need to make
sure the little things, like your eyelashes, are just right. For that perfect
vintage makeup look, here are a few tips for you to consider!

Vintage Makeup for the Modern Day Bride by

* ******The Lips:** Here’s where looking vintage comes into play; when you think of the jazzing 20’s and the roaring 30’s, you think bright red lips that are plump and bodacious. To really play up the look, apply a bright or deep red lipstick with a gloss over it. For fair skinned, dark haired maidens, the brighter the red, the more your skin looks pure and beautiful. You want to look dazzling, like that beacon of light cascading towards the love of your life. Red lips contrast perfectly with pale skin! So opt for a cherry red lipstick or plum colored lip with a nice gloss.
* **The Eyes:** This comes in two parts – your eyeliner and mascara, and your eye shadow. This is probably my favorite part of the whole makeup application process! You can really play up your eyes and make them the focal point. First, let’s focus on:
* Mascara and Eyeliner: If you have naturally thick and long eyelashes, apply several layers of mascara for that “fake lash” look. If you have regular eyelashes, opt for long, cat-like eyelashes that really stand out. For your eyeliner, a cat-eye is really attractive. Apply it heavy on your top lid, and then just a smudge, if any, on your bottom lid. This gives you an innocent doe-look, while making you look sexy, romantic, and vintage.
* Eye Shadow: For your eye shadow, definitely go for a softer, more natural smokey eye. [Depending on your eye color](, you can choose a smokey gray eye shadow or a more neutral brown and gold. Either way, a smokey eye will definitely make you look fantastic!
Before I go any further, remember that you want to draw attention to one or
the other – don’t go heavy and dazzling on both your eyes and lips. Choose
which one you want to be your focal point and go with that one. If you want it
to be your lips, choose a brighter, more audacious red and opt for a soft, if
any, eye shadow. If you want it to be your eyes, apply a smokey eye and a
soft, matte red lipstick.

* Foundation and Blush: If you have naturally pale skin, don’t try to cover it up with tanning beds and tanning lotion. In fact, the paler the better for that perfect vintage look! Make your lustrous skin stand out even more with a soft pink or red blush to give you that innocent, sexy, luxurious appeal.
For those of you who are going for that flawless vintage look, remember to
accent one or the other. Play up your eyes or your lips, and really accentuate
your naturally pale skin. Plump red lips, thick black eyeliner or a sexy
smokey eye will have your groom reeling and your guests gaping in envied

Wedding Colors for Your Wedding Theme

Although a new year has arrived and new color schemes have come to center stage, the same wedding themes are still as popular as ever. For example, you have a beach theme, vintage theme, rustic country, tea party elegant, and black tie affair, just to name a few. With each theme comes their own color scheme, so here is a list of a few colors that really tie into your wedding motif. **Wedding Themes and Color Schemes:** We’ll go ahead and start off with my absolute favorite wedding theme: rustic country. When you think [rustic country](, you think old wood basking amidst the glorious beauty of soft lace and petite baby’s breath flower arrangements. So, to follow that ideal picture of rustic country, here are a few ideas:

* White, and lots of it. Variations of white are gorgeous – crème’s and brilliant whites are fantastic.
* Variations of brown as well, such as a deep mahogany brown, a lighter brown (think old pallet board brown), soft beige and maybe even a burnt orange.
* Green –think, earthy. You want as natural, earthy, and rustic as possible. For example, hunter green, a softer leaf green, and a paler green. You don’t want any pastel colors as those are more vintage. Remember – natural is key.
[Beach theme]( is probably one of
the most popular themes most people go for when planning a wedding, and for
fabulous reasons. For the most part, it’s a little less expensive, it’s fun,
and the backdrop is simply superb. Here are a few beach-y colors for you to

* Navy blue, especially if you’re going nautical.
* Crisp white – think brilliantly pure, crisp and clean.
* Lighter blue, like the ocean surrounding you

Vintage Bride by Tracie Howe

A [vintage themed]( wedding is probably one of the most elegant, sophisticated _and_ rustic themes that you’ll come across. It’s a fantastic mixture of posh elegance and raw beauty. Here are a few colors to add to your color palette:

* Think Spring – all light colors, especially pastels. The wispier, the better. For example:
* Blush pink
* Crème and a little bit of true white
* Soft greens (here’s where pastels come into play)
* Soft grey, maybe even with a blue-ish tint.
* Brown, but nothing too harsh or too deep.
When you think [black tie affair](
affair), you automatically think ball gowns and bow ties, Prada and Dior, and
of course Chanel and Gucci. Here is a color palette that matches well with the
expensive appeal of a Black Tie wedding:

* Rich black, of course. You want everything that’s black to have a sheen, making it more luxurious, rich, and elegant.
* White, and only the purest of whites. White and black are the most complimentary colors on the palette, especially if paired with the right decorating accessories.
* Red – think deep, romantic reds like Rosso Corsa, Crimson, Venetian Red, and Lust.
For each wedding theme, you want to have the appropriate color scheme. Match
your colors with the right accessories and pieces to really pull off the look.
Whether you’re going with rich sophistication or breezy and beachy, the colors
you choose will really make the look complete.

2015 Celebrity Wedding Takeaways

2014 has taken a bow out at years end just a few weeks ago, but just because last year has come to a close, doesn’t mean celebrity wedding fads have. In fact, we’re going to take a look at some of the celebrity weddings and see what they did right for 2015. Between gorgeous gowns and fabulous décor, following our celebrities footsteps (in the wedding department, at least) we can see just what fashion tips we can glean from them! **2014 Celebrities Who Tied the Knot** Yep, most of the time when we hear about celebrity weddings, our first feeling is skepticism, if not a leering thought of t_hey married that person? _Ok, in all seriousness though, we can take some fabulous styling tips from these celebs. Here are a few of the many that we can take styling ideas from:

* Jenny McCarthy and Donnie Wahlberg
* Gabrielle Union and Dwayne Wade
* Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt (finally…)

These celebrities have some great fashion tips! Here are just a few ideas to
take away from their magical wedding!

Red Lips and Finger Waves by Florbela

**Celebrity Wedding Fashion Tips:** **Jenny McCarthy and Donnie Wahlberg:** The First thing that comes to mind when looking at Jenny’s attire is her lipstick and hair. Oh my word, gorgeous! With her vibrant red lips and soft finger waves cascading downward, it takes all viewers back to the jazzing 20’s. Her makeup is incredibly done, with a dark eyeliner on the top lid; her makeup isn’t too overdone, it’s just right. Her hair is just as gorgeous – the soft finger waves really help to grab your initial attention and then bring focus to her gorgeous ball gown dress. Since her hair and makeup are simpler (nothing too extravagant, but just right) her dress is the centerpiece. Jenny’s two focal “pieces” are her dress and cherry red lips.

**Tip to Take Away:** Like Jenny, you don’t want everything to be the focal point – choose between your makeup, hair, dress, and accessories. Pick one (maybe two) things that you want to grab the attention of your guests and really play those up. Everything else, let subtlety speak though soft waves and elegant colors.

**Gabrielle Union and Dwayne Wade:** We’re going to focus on Dwayne Wade here; his attire is an ideal vision of 2015 gentry “swag”. His gold bow and gold boutonniere are the perfect accentuation pieces. His jacket is also fantastic – the design really captivates your attention, without it being too overdone. Usually, you don’t want too much going on, but his gold bowtie and black and white dress jacket make the perfect accents.

**Tip to Take Away:** There’s a lot going on with Dwayne’s attire, but not too much. There’s not a lot of color, the small gold bowtie and small boutonniere are perfect accents to his jacket (which in and of itself has a lot going on, in a good way).

** ** **Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt:** We won’t talk about how it’s finally time they tie the knot, but instead we’ll go ahead and focus on Angelina’s veil. It’s definitely not something you see every day, but that’s the point. That veil encompasses personalization and familial sentimentality. Her veil is the accent piece – her hair, her dress, and everything else is simple so all the attention is drawn to her veil. It’s not something everyone could pull off, but it just shows how dedicated she is to her beautiful family.

**Tip to Take Away:** If you want to add sentimental value to your wedding attire, than do so in a personal way. Whatever that is, however you want, do it the way you want. Whether it’s your veil decorated in your kids drawings or a simple square piece of cloth from your mom’s wedding gown, do what means the most to you.

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