Ceremony and Reception Music Types and Tips

One of my beautiful friends will be getting married in just a couple short
months (yay!) and I can’t wait! I remember the hectic last few months of
wedding planning – making sure all my ducks were in a row, my “i’s” were
dotted and my “t’s” crossed made for a very busy few months. One stressor I
ran into, and one she’s currently experiencing, is finding the perfect
playlist for both the reception and the ceremony. Finding music that pertains
to your wedding theme yet still tickles the musical tastes of everyone can
seem a bit tricky. But not to worry! With a few tips and tricks, you (and my
lovely friend!) will be well on your way to the perfect ceremony and reception
musical playlist!

Music by Rick Harrison

**Tips for you:** As we’ve
discussed before, you want to make sure that not only is the music personal
for you and your fiancé, but that it goes well with your wedding theme. You
want it to be consistent, yet fun at the same time! If you want to be
original, find tracks that not many people play at their weddings. If you want
to be traditional and play tunes such as “Marry Me” by Train or “Wedding
March” by Mendelssohn, than you’ll want to do your research on traditional
songs. So, to make it (hopefully) a little easier on y’all, I’ve come up with
a (very!) short list of some great ceremony and reception songs! **Traditional
Ceremony Songs:** Like I said, if you want to go with traditional songs, than
you’ll want to throw in several well-known ceremonial songs and reception
songs. Here are just a few:

* Ave Maria: F Schubert
* Clair de Lune: C. Debussy
* Trumpet Tune: H. Purcell
* Canon in D: J. Pachelbel (this is about as traditional as it gets!)
* The Wedding March: F. Mendelssohn- from A Midsummer Night’s Dream
**Traditional Reception Songs**: Again, with traditional music, you want to find something that’s tasteful, personal, and still traditional. If you want classic tunes floating through the air, than try a few of these perfect songs:

* Twist and Shout: The Beatles
* Play that Funky Music: Wild Cherry (Ok, maybe this one is a little too traditional… and a little too funky. No pun intended).
* Girls Just Wanna Have Fun: Cyndi Lauper
* YMCA: Village People (I think even Grandpa would get up and dance to this one)
**Unique Ceremony Songs**: Ok, now that we’ve taken a step back in time and loaded your playlist with traditional (and probably even ridiculous, not-even-an-option songs), we can take a look at a few great, original and unique wedding ceremony songs!

* Dance Tonight: Paul McCartney
* Mama’s Song: Carrie Underwood (tear jerker!)
* Forever: Chris Brown
* Everlong: Foofighters
**Original Reception Songs**: If you want unique, then you’ll want to find songs that really match your quirky personality. Remember, if you want to be original and unique then you’ll want to have a selection that coincides with both your reception music and your ceremony music. Don’t be too “all over the place.” Try to have consistency and similar genres/styles. Here are some ideas:

* The Way You Look Tonight: Frank Sinatra
* You Are My Sunshine: Ray Charles
* All You Need Is Love: The Beatles
* My Girl: The Temptations
* Poker Face: Lady Gaga
OK, now that you have a tentative list of some classic and unique songs, just
remember that you want to have consistency and personality in your music. Make
it fun, jazzy, romantic, and stick with a theme! This day is all about you and
your fiancé, so make sure that the music you choose attests to your
personalities and tastes!

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