Choosing the Right Wedding Photographer

You want to capture every picture-perfect moment at your wedding; you want the
first kiss, cutting of the cake, the laughter, the smiles… You want to be
able to relive every moment of your wedding day! In order to do so, you have
to find the right photographer. There’s a long list of questions and
considerations you need to keep in mind when “shopping” for your wedding
photographer, but I’ve put together a couple main ones just for you. **List of
Questions:** Be prepared _before_ you go and talk to the photographer. Have a
list of questions ready so you can make sure everything is in proper order.

* **Available Date:** Obviously, you want to make sure that they have your wedding date open. Another thing you want to consider is if they have any other engagements that they have to be to. This will determine how rushed (or not rushed) your photographer may be.
* **Advanced Booking:** Ask your photographer how soon you need to book the date – and then put that date in your calendar!
* **Portfolio:** Take a peek at your photographers past projects and see if they’re up to your standards.
* **Photo Session Length:** How long does the photographer plan on being there? What is their average time frame?
* **Packages:** Do they have different packages in regards to time frame, props, etc.?

Photography by Roland Ster

**All Things Considered: Photography Style- **Once the questions are asked and you feel comfortable with the answers, take into consideration just a few (major) pointers:

* **Ideal Budget:** Make sure you have a budget in mind. Your budget will usually determine the quality and professionalism of the photographs taken.****
* **Photo Musts:** Make sure you have an idea of what type of photos you want. Show them to the photographer and make sure they’re capable of capturing similar pictures.****
* **Domain:** Ask the photographer if your wedding/venue locations are within their domain – if not, how much extra do they charge as a traveling fee?****
* **Payment Plan:** Make sure you’re both on the same page with a payment plan, how much they expect, and when.****
* **SIGN A CONTRACT:** This is probably one of the most important things to remember. A contract will hold the photographer to their word, ensuring that things are done properly.
Capture the beautiful moments of your wedding with the perfect photographer.
With a list of questions and considerations, you’ll be ready and capable of
finding the perfect one!****

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