Choosing a Wedding Date


Congratulations! You’re engaged! There is no better feeling than cuddling up with a stack of wedding magazines and catching a glimpse of your new bling while flipping pages. But wait! Before you pick the perfect dress and get caught up in the details, there’s one very important decision to make… WHEN do you want to get married? Planning your perfect wedding has everything to do with which season you choose. To simplify the process of narrowing down your ideal date, let’s take a look at each season, along with its perks and pitfalls: Spring: A spring wedding date brings many pros and cons. While the weather in some areas is temperamental, the flower choices are plentiful. Purchasing flowers that are in-season often results in lower costs. Another plus? Just about any dress length/style goes! If your sights are set on an outdoor wedding, spring may not be your best bet. The unpredictable weather is what keeps many couples from planning spring weddings. Some brides and grooms-to-be choose springtime to get married, because the season brings a sense of renewal. We’ve put together ideas to help you in Choosing a Wedding Date

Centerpieces by Tracy Hunter

Summer: Warm-weather weddings offer many options for engaged couples. Outdoor ceremonies offer a naturally beautiful backdrop and less need for elaborate décor. On the other hand, hot temperatures can make guests uncomfortable, and bugs are often an issue. Similar to a spring affair, summer weddings allow brides to wear nearly any style of dress, and lots of blooms are in season. Concerns about extreme heat cause some couples to shy away from a summer wedding, However, longer days, and the carefree feeling associated with summer, make the warmer months an ideal time to tie the knot.

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Fall: Autumn weddings are popular for lots of reasons; multi-colored leaves make lovely decorations, and fall temperatures are often perfect for outdoor ceremonies. Some brides and grooms-to-be choose to decorate with pumpkins and other autumn décor, which can reduce a wedding budget drastically. Depending on how traditional you want to go, wedding gown options may be more limited due to cooler temps and the fact that many dresses scream summer. With that being said, the pros often outweigh the cons for fall weddings. In many regions, it’s the most beautiful time of year.

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Winter: Although winter weddings are not on the top of the popularity list, they can be downright gorgeous. Weddings with a holiday theme allow for unique decorations, and because many venues aren’t booked solid this time of year, you may have your pick of dates. Dress choices are limited, but wraps and warm hand muffs can be used to keep the bride warm (and they make for beautiful pictures). It can be difficult to find flowers in season, but your florist can help you determine your options. Although it’s not the top pick for many couples, winter weddings can be a big hit.

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The most popular months to get married are June, September, and October. While many people gravitate toward these months, every couple is unique. What do you envision on your wedding day? Do you see an early evening sunset and colorful leaves blanketing the ground? Or maybe you envision a warm summer night with fireflies lighting up the sky. No matter what season you choose, you can make your dream wedding a reality. You’ve chosen your date? Perfect! Let the planning begin…

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