Christmas Wedding Tips

Christmas is just 10 days away and the air is humming with Christmas carols,
brimming with the smell of cookies and Christmas trees, and presents are being
bought and prepared in a flurry of wrapping paper and ribbon. In my opinion,
Christmas is the best time to have an unforgettable wedding! Hot chocolate and
pies are brimming over countertops and the atmosphere is crisp with jolly good
spirits and beautifully laden with soft white snowflakes. Make the best of
your Christmas-themed wedding by following a few of these great tips and
ideas! **Fun Ideas and Must-Do’s!** If you’re getting married on Christmas,
than some of these fun ideas are definitely great ways to get your wedding
party and guests in the holiday spirit!

* **Hire Christmas Carolers**: Oh my gosh, this is probably one of the greatest ideas I’ve heard all day! What better way to get your guests and wedding party in the spirit than having professional Christmas carolers serenading everyone down the aisle and on the dance floor? In order to hire a group of professional carolers, you can go onto websites such as . Just type in your location and see what’s around! Another good idea for hiring Christmas carolers is to check out your local colleges – ask if the theater students are available to sing at your wedding! It’s a great way to get your carolers and support your local students!

Christmas Carolers by Mike Renlund

* **Hire Santa**: The young’uns at your wedding will be in their absolute glory if they get to eat cookies and pies, dance to groovy music, _and_ meet Santa! You can have him as a greeter at the front door at the beginning of your wedding ceremony, or you can have him handing out gifts at the end of your reception! Another great idea is to have your DJ dress up as Santa – seriously though, a groovy Santa is a cool Santa! Either way, Santa will be a huge hit!
* **Gifts**: Instead of a table, have your guests put their gifts to you and your husband under a Christmas tree! I love this idea – it really puts emphasis on the theme of your wedding and gives your guests an opportunity to “play Santa”!
* **Guest List**: For all of your out of town guests, you’ll want to make sure they know about the wedding date _well_ in advance. The sooner they know, the sooner they can start planning and looking and booking their flights. Also, have them come a couple days early; this will give them a safety net of time just in case their flights get delayed due to weather.
* **Things to do in Advance**: Besides having your out of town guests know of your wedding in advance, you’ll also want to get things such as your Christmas reception and ceremony décor in advance. If you’re getting married Christmas of 2015, shop for Christmas decorations after this Christmas. All Christmas items go on a huge sale the day after Christmas, so you’ll really be able to load up on lights and décor for super cheap. Another thing you’ll want to book in advance is your venue. The sooner, the better. You don’t want to be scrounging around for a reception area a few months before your wedding.
From Christmas carolers to shopping in advance, having a Christmas themed
wedding is so much fun!

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