{Wedding Crafting with Cricut} DIY Pinwheels (+ a Cricut Coupon Code)

Although the groundhog saw his shadow last week, many spring brides-to-be are
busy getting themselves into spring mode and preparing for all the warm
weather weddings that are just around the corner. And with spring weddings
come amazing spring DIY projects, like one of my personal favorites: the
pinwheel! Pinwheels have been popping up in playful outdoor weddings, in event
design, on holiday tablescapes and much more for the past couple years, and
the reason is this: they’re seriously cute! Here are a couple great ways I’ve
seen them used…

Perfection, right?
Ready to learn how to make some fun and playful pinwheels for your upcoming
wedding or event? If you’re a Cricut user, creating pinwheels is actually
really easy!

### You’ll need:

* [Cricut Craft Room Free Online Design Tool](http://www.cricut.com/craftroom/default.html)
* [Cricut Essentials Cartridge](http://main.cricut.com/shopping/detail–Cricut-Essentialsnbsp;–Digital-0-1841.aspx) (there are also a variety of pinwheel cartridges available)
* Cardstock of choice
* Wooden pencils
* Paint color of choice
* Straight sewing pins (with a flat top)
* Bead of choice (for center of pinwheel)
* Wire cutters

### To create your pinwheels:

1. Paint your pencil the color you’d like the pinwheel stick to be. Set aside to dry.
2. Add a bead to the end of a sewing pin. Set aside.
3. Use Cricut Craft Room to create and lay out your pinwheel. Wanting to work with the cartridges I already had, I merged a couple shapes together to create my pinwheel — four of the “corner” images from the Cricut Essentials cartridge (which comes with a new Expression 2) placed into a square shape, a circle for the center and small circles (.097 diameter) where the pin will need to go through. See below…

3. Cut your design on your cardstock of choice, and carefully peel it off the mat.
4. Carefully bend each flap towards the middle, placing the pin through the hole of each flap one-by-one until all flaps are connected. Then place the pin through the center hole.

5. Push the pin through the eraser of your pencil. Test the pinwheel for pin length to make sure it spins, then cut off the sharp point with your wire cutters. Push the now dull edge of the pin flush with the eraser so no one gets poked, and ta-da! You now have a pinwheel!

You can experiment with tons of papers, sizes and more! For a really cool
look, use double-sided paper or stick two contrasting pieces of paper
together. There is really no limit to the types of pinwheels you can create!

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### Cricut Coupon Code

If you haven’t purchased your own Cricut yet or you need to stock up on new
cartridges and other accessories, here’s a coupon code you might be interested
in using! Use the code “_PlungeFree_” for free US shipping on [Cricut
products](http://main.cricut.com/shopping/ProductLanding.aspx) now through
March 1! ![](http://www.theplungeproject.com/images/line.png) _Disclosure:
Provo Craft provided products free of charge in exchange for this series._
_Image credits from top: [As You
wedding.html), [Pinwhirl Parties](http://pinwhirlparties.blogspot.com/2010/03
/molly-logan-pinwheels-galore.html), [Rule42 on

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