Clutches for your Bridesmaids

My wonderful wedding photographer, Jennie Andrews posted these amazing
clutches on [her blog]( last
week, and I just had to share! _[Side note: If you’re in the market for a
wedding photog, check out Jennie. Did you see the [absolutely stunning
photos]( she
took of Michael and I?]_ Anyway, I’m pretty pumped to put together little gift
bags for my ‘maids, and chances are some of these beauties from
[Mollusa]( on Etsy might appear in those
bags. Jennie even suggested replacing the traditional bridesmaid bouquets with
pretty clutches like these, which is an interesting idea that I really love!
After all, at around $40 each, I think you’d save money _(bouquets are
expensive!)_ and your ladies would have sometime that actually lasts past the
wedding day. Check them out…

Ooo…and there are even ring pillows and other accessories to match in the Mollusa Etsy store!

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