Cocktail Hour – Drinks and Appetizers

Having a cocktail hour at your wedding? Honestly, it’s probably one of the
best ways to keep your guests occupied and satisfied while you and your bridal
party get wedding photos snapped. Delicious appetizers and succulent drinks
will keep the time flying and your guests happy while you get all of the
necessary wedding do’s finished! Here are just a couple fabulous wedding
cocktails and appetizers that you could serve at your wintery wedding
wonderland! **Drinks:** Everybody loves a fun and delicious cocktail hour,
especially with a unique and original drink! From delicious hot chocolate to a
cranberry and vanilla delicacy, there are a ton of fabulous drinks to choose
from! Here are just a few great ideas and the ingredients needed to make them!

* **Skinny Cocktail- Cranberry and Vanilla:** It’s sweet, tart, and the perfect wintery drink to really put your guests in a festive mood. The ingredients are:****
* Cranberries (fresh is best!)****
* Truvia – a healthy sweetener to ease the tartness****
* Water****
* Vodka****
* Sparkling Water****
* **Hot White Chocolate with Rum:** Hot chocolate with rum is the perfect warm drink to keep your guests cozy and satisfied! The ingredients to make this fabulous cocktail include:****
* * Vanilla Bean Cardamom****
* Cinnamon sticks Milk****
* White Chocolate Rum
* Crushed Peppermint Candies Whipped Cream

* **Sugar and Spice:** And everything nice! This delicious drink is a delicious (and wild!) one! With a few different types of alcohol, this one’s a fabulously fun go-to holiday drink. The ingredients for this drink include:****
* Vanilla Vodka Butterscotch Schnapps****
* Hazelnut Liqueur Ginger Beer****
* Cinnamon Stick (for garnishing!)****
* **Apple Cider Margarita:** Think apple pie with a twist – Everything about this drink is perfect for a wedding cocktail!****
* Grand Marnier Sweet Apple Cider****
* Gold Tequila Apple Slice (for garnishing, of course!)****
* Cinnamon Cane Sugar Rum** **
**Appetizers: **As well as delicious drinks, you’ve gotta have fabulous appetizers as well. From desserts to cheesy poppers, a variety of different appetizers will definitely keep your guests satisfied!

* **Mini Peppermint and Chocolate Chip Cheesecake:** It’s sweet and delicious with a mix of refreshing mint and sweet chocolate. It’s honestly one of the best finger foods you could have at your wedding! Seriously though, these are a must-have!
* **Red Potatoes with Tomato-Avocado Salsa:** These bite size appetizers are fantastic. The tangy salsa combined with the earthy taste of the potato makes for an easy favorite. Served either warm or cooled, these appetizers are a fabulous go-to.
* **Pimento Cheese and Prosciutto Biscuits:** It’s a southern classic dolloped with deliciousness! These appetizers are great for keeping your guests satisfied and happy! These tasty finger foods are absolutely fantastic.
* **Apricot Almond bites topped with Goat Cheese:** Dried apricots topped with a dollop of delicious goat cheese and crunchy almonds make for an addictive delicacy. They’re one of the best appetizers you could possibly serve!
With a variety of drinks and appetizers, you’ll be able to keep your guests
occupied, happy, and satisfied while you and your bridal party get your
wedding day to-do list completed. From hot chocolate and rum to pimento cheese
and prosciutto biscuits, you’re guaranteed to keep your guests contented!

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