3 Convertible Bridesmaid Dress Options

Generally, when you’re a bridesmaid in a wedding, you end up spending a ton of money on a dress you’ll never likely wear again. Even if they’re not actually ugly, bridesmaid dresses tend to be a different style than most women would wear on a night on the town. Luckily, dress designers are changing that with the invention of the convertible bridesmaid dress! If you’re looking for bridesmaid dresses your best ladies are sure to be able to wear again, here are a few great convertible bridesmaid dress options…

## 1. Dessy Twist Wrap Dress

The Dessy Twist Wrap Dress is probably the most well-known of the convertible bridesmaid dresses. I love it because not only is it convertible and available in a variety of lengths, you also have endless color choices since it’s from Dessy!

## 2. Durga-kali Reversible Dress

[Durga-kali](http://www.durga-kali.com/) is a patent-pending collection of reversible dresses that women can wear again and again. Geared towards women looking for a formal wedding look or a chic and sassy little black dress, the convertible style provides fashionistas with a stunning dress that can be worn again and again.

## 3. NABI by Jenny Yoo

Available in four styles, [NABI by Jenny Yoo](http://www.jennyyoo.com/nabi-collection.html) is one of the most romantic options when it comes to convertible bridesmaid dresses. The skirt has convertible panels in the front and back that can create alternate necklines and skirt details.

**Are you thinking of choosing convertible dresses for your bridesmaids? If so, which style?**

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