Create Unique Wedding & Home DIY Projects with the Kinkajou Bottle Cutter

I think you all already know how much I love DIY projects – for my wedding and
now for my home. I especially love DIY projects that translate from the
wedding to the home, which is why I’m loving the [Kinkajou bottle

The Kinkajou helps you recycle your used soda, beer and wine bottles. Named after the small South American mammal with big teeth, the Kinkajou is a bottle cutter with a new twist. The cutters currently available on the market are big and bulky and not very interesting to look at. Bottle Cutting, Inc.’s design was meant to be simple to operate, easy to store and more aesthetically pleasing; something you wouldn’t mind keeping in your kitchen. So, what can you do with cut bottles? You can use them as glasses, vases, candle holders, lamps and special gifts, just to name a few. If you’re cutting them as part of your wedding DIY, you can create:

* Drinking glasses for bridal party gifts
* Vases for centerpieces
* Candle luminaries for aisle decor

The coolest part is that
anything you create for your wedding can also be used in your home after the
big day! In addition, now that Bottle Cutting, Inc. also created the Jabiru
bottle top stem, you can even turn cut bottle tops into unique stemmed
glassware! That means nothing’s wasted when you cut a bottle, because you can
use the top and the bottom!

You can [buy the Kinkajou online]( now for just $49.99, and if you’re interested in Jabiru bottle top stems, be sure to show your support via their current [Kickstarter]( top-stem).

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