{Wedding Crafting with Cricut} Etched Monogram Wine Glasses

For my fifth and final Wedding Crafting with Cricut post, I wanted to think
outside the box a bit and show you how your Cricut can contribute to a variety
of other crafting projects — like these etched monogram wine glasses I

Of course, we’ll just be drinking out of this set from home since our wedding is long passed, but this is a great project for your wedding toast glasses — whether that be wine glasses or champagne flutes.

### You’ll need:

* [Cricut Craft Room Free Online Design Tool](http://www.cricut.com/craftroom/default.html)
* Font cartridge of choice (I used [Storybook](http://main.cricut.com/shopping/detail-department-Cricut-Storybook-Cartridge-0-189.aspx))
* Wine glasses or champagne flutes
* [Wall vinyl](http://main.cricut.com/shopping/products-Vinyl-265.aspx)
* [Armour Etch](http://www.armourproducts.com/) etching cream
* Masking tape
* Soft bristle brush
* Gloves & protective eye wear for safety

### To create this project:

1. Use Cricut Craft Room to create your monogram design.

2. Load up your mat with your vinyl, and cut. For me, the settings that worked best were blade depth – 3, speed – 3, pressure – 2. (This will give you a “kiss cut” and not cut through the backing of the vinyl.)
3. Peel off your new stencil, and carefully place it on your glass. There will likely be bubbles since the glass is curved; just be sure none of the bubbles touch your letters — we wouldn’t want the etching cream to get underneath.
4. Place masking tape around the edges, as Armour Etch tends to drip a little.

5. Put on your protective gloves and eyewear. Once you see what Armour Etch does to glass, you’ll understand why safety is really required in this project!
6. With a soft bristle brush, apply a thick layer of Armour Etch over entire stencil design so you cannot see your design through the etch cream.

7. Leave Armour Etch on stencil for 1 minute, then wash off under running water until all visible signs of the etch cream are gone.
8. Remove all of the masking tape from the glass and then remove your stencil. Rinse glass under running water to remove any remaining residue. Clean with glass cleaner, and your new etched monogram will appear when glass is dry.
…and ta da! A beautiful, professionally etched glass created using your
Cricut and Armour Etch!

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### Cricut Coupon Code

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###### _Disclosure: Provo Craft provided products free of charge in exchange
for this series._

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