Too Cute for Baskets and Pillows!

It’s probably the cutest part of the whole wedding – the little ring bearer
shuffling his feet down the aisle and the flower girl dropping handfuls of
crushed flower petals at the bride’s feet, smiling her big-toothed grin.
Everyone giggles as the little ring bearer scurries back to mom in a rush of
embarrassment. If you’re having a little tyke ring bearer and flower girl in
your wedding, there are some fabulous alternatives to the original pillow and
basket. Here’s a list of just a few!

Ring Bearer and Flower Girl by Jamey M. Photography

**Ring Bearer Alternatives:** There are tons of cute ideas, so many so, that I could only fit a handful on here. So, here’s the shortened version!

* **For the Book Lover:** If you have an old book that you’re OK with repurposing, try cutting out a large heart through several pages. Stick the rings in the cut out and you’ll have a fabulous piece of memorabilia for all eternity,
* **Wooden Box:** I love this idea. Have a tiny wooden box with a Mr. and Mrs. side for the rings. Super cute for the rustic, outdoor wedding.
* **Antique:** For the vintage, garden party, chic wedding, try shopping for an antique metal box to place the rings in. So romantic!
* **Pumpkins Please!** Oh my goodness, this is absolutely perfect for a fall wedding! Paint a little pumpkin white and have the stem or top half dipped in glitter for extra glitz.
* **Grandpa’s Pocket Pill Case:** If you can find someone with an antique pocket pill case, that would be a great option for a vintage styled wedding.
**Flower Girl Alternatives:** From balloons to bubbles, you can really add a sweet innocence to her trek down the aisle!

* **Banner Babies:** If you have two (or more) flower girls in your wedding, have them hold a banner that says something like:
* Here comes the love of your life!
* Here She Comes, __________! (grooms name)
* **Balloon Bliss:** Have the little princess hold a few balloons down the aisle, and once the “You May Kiss the Bride!” is announced, have her let the balloon arrangement go! Perfect for an outdoor wedding.
* **Puppy Love:** If you and your fiancé have a dog together, have your flower girl walk down the aisle with him/her. The dog could have a tiny sign around its neck with a cute saying.
* **Signs n Such:** A homemade wooden sign wrapped in burlap with the saying:
* **_________ **(grooms name), Here comes your girl!
* **Tinkling Bells:** Super cute, different, and vintage! The perfect arrival announcement if you ask me!
There are tons of different alternatives to the original pillow and flower
basket. Choose your favorite and really make it adorable!

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