Daddy’s First Look

The “First Look” is all the rage these days, especially as brides struggle to fit in ALL the pictures they want to capture with their new husband and bridal party in those precious daylight hours while still making time to enjoy the cocktail hour with their guests. This special moment for the bride and groom has spawned a new kind of first look and I am absolutely obsessed with it – the Daddy’s First Look!

On my wedding day almost 2 years ago, my dad casually walked into the room when my sister finished zipping me into my dress and saw me in my gown. It was definitely an emotional moment between us but I wish I had made it a little more special, not just for me, but for both of my parents.

390901_813347912300_2084371498_n{My dad and I on my wedding day | Photo credit: Yantz Photography}

I knew that my dad seeing me in my dress was going to be an important moment but I hadn’t really thought of how big of a deal that moment was until my best friend got married last year. On the schedule for the day, before the First Look with her hubby-to-be, was Dad’s First Look and I immediately thought, “she scheduled special time for that?”. She did not want her dad anywhere near her until she was 100% ready to go and when he was summoned into her bridal suite for that special time, you could tell that all that waiting was so worth it. Her dad was clearly emotional but it was her mom’s reaction that I loved the most. I am not a mother yet but there just has to be something so special about seeing your husband and your little girl sharing a special father-daughter moment on her wedding day – the room was bursting with joy and love that day and it was incredibly palpable. How awesome would it be to have all of that emotion and love captured on film? Just look at some of these amazing Daddy’s First Looks and try to tell me that you won’t be incorporating this into your Big Day!

daddyslook{Photo credit: Beyond Blessed Blog}
dadlook{Photo credit: Katelyn James Photography}
father{Photo Credit: Susan Stripling Photography}
051d1b0fac64b739a35bbdcbd7ab4278{Photo Credit: Chris Bailey Photography}

How will you make your first look with your Daddy, or Mommy, special for them?

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