Deck the Halls with Christmas Wedding Decorations!

Can you believe it? Christmas is only 3 days away! The holiday cheer is
brimming in the atmosphere – gifts are being wrapped, cookies being baked, and
trees being decorated. It’s one of my favorite times of the year as families
get together and love is spread among the hearts gathered around the tables,
trees, and living rooms. Christmas is also one of the best times to get
married – not only will you be celebrating Christmas, but you’ll also be
celebrating your union with the one your heart loves. It’s a romantic time
filled with frosty snowflakes, hot cocoa, mistletoe, and ribbon. So, if you’re
planning your wedding for Christmas time, here are a few fabulous decoration
ideas just for you! **Wedding Favors:** There are seriously a million
different wedding favor ideas that you could choose from, so here are just a
few of my favorites!

* **Personalized Hershey Kisses**: Have you and your spouse’s name printed on the bottom of each kiss.
* **Personalized Hot chocolate mix**: Printed on the front of the chocolate mix, have a cute saying, your wedding date, and your names.
* **Silver snowflake Wine stopper**: For you wine lovers, this is absolutely fantastic!
* **Jeweled Snowflake Votive Holder**: This is gorgeous and perfect! Each Christmas, your guest can put this votive out and remember your wedding!
**Christmas Themed Centerpieces:** Centerpieces make the decoration scheme! Again, there are about a million different centerpiece options, so I only picked out a few of my favorites. Here they are!

* **Christmas Candles**: White and candy cane colored candle sticks placed in silver candle holders will add the perfect. warm touch. Surround with holly and mistletoe for the perfect touch.
* **Stockings for Silverware Holders**: I love this! I mean, who doesn’t love stockings? Put the silverware in these mini stockings for an adorable touch.
* **Gift Boxes**: Wrap empty boxes and use those as centerpieces. Super cute, easy, and relatively inexpensive! All you need are empty boxes, wrapping paper, and bows.
* **Jars and ornaments**: Place various colors of round ornaments in a clear bowl, wrap the lip of the bowl with ribbon, and call it perfect! You could even stick gold or silver sticks in there for an extra flair.** **
**Christmas Themed Decorations:** Oh the options! I should’ve had my wedding around Christmas time for all the decoration options there are! I absolutely love the ideas, so here are a few of my favorites:

* **Christmas Trees**: Have mini Christmas trees placed randomly around your reception area with one large Christmas tree standing next to your wedding party table. For a cute touch, have your guests place their gifts for y’all under the Christmas tree!
* **Mistletoe**: Love this idea! You could place mistletoe over the door for a cute idea, or even have a photo booth set up in a corner with mistletoe hanging over the top of the canvas. Love this idea!
* **Christmas Lights**: You could have Christmas lights hanging on the front of the tables, arching over the photobooth area, or hanging on the ceiling. Christmas lights add a whimsical flair.

Christmas Tree by Wendi Dunlap

From Christmas trees to mistletoe, you can really have fun with your Christmas- themed wedding!

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