Destination Wedding: The Expenses

This is usually the least favorite part of the wedding planning that we like
to discuss. Talking money might be the least favorite, but it’s the most
important part of the planning process. If you’re having a destination
wedding, than you need to take a few other things into consideration. Here are
a few different ideas for you to take into consideration when planning your
destination wedding! **The Budget:** If you’re on a budget and you still want
to have a destination wedding, than you need to invite, plan, and travel
accordingly. Here are a few budget tips that you need to consider:

* The Cruise Wedding: If you want to get married on a cruise ship, than look for package deals. If you look for group deals, you can usually get a discount. So start shopping to start saving! Once you have the group deals, decide on how to properly and equally split the bill with your guests.
* Different Country or State: If you’re getting married outside of your hometown, than you’ll have to schedule plane tickets, hotels, and the like. Again, like a cruise wedding, shop for group deals to save a little extra cash on both plane tickets and hotel rooms.
**Who To Pay For:** When it comes to your destination wedding, there are certain people that you should pay for in order to have them included in your wedding. Here is a list of people you should pay for (remember, for the most part you don’t have to pay for these individuals, but it’s a good idea to do so).

Wedding Hairstylist by David Clow

* Your Hairstylist: If you want your hairstylist to do you and your bridesmaid’s hair on your wedding day, than you should probably pay their way. Also, make sure you find, schedule, and invite your hairstylist well in advance so they won’t have to cancel any appointments.
* Your Makeup Artist: Like your hairstylist, you will probably have to pay their way. You don’t have to pay for everything, like their excursions or tours, but you will probably need to pay for their hotel and plane ticket, or for their cruise.
* Your Photographer: Again, pay their way, but not their extras. (This is if you have a particular person that you really want to photograph your wedding. Otherwise, there are probably photographers at the place you’re getting married as part of the package.)
* The DJ: Same goes with the DJ as the photographer.
**What To Pay For:** Again, you don’t need to pay for everything for every guest. There are only certain things, like transportation, that you’ll need to cover. Here are a few suggestions:

* Transportation from Ceremony to Reception: If your reception is at a different location than your ceremony, it would be a good idea to pay for any buss/taxi/etc… fees there may be.
* Resort Fees: Some resorts require an entrance fee. If that’s so for your ceremony/reception, than you need to pay those fees for your guests.
Remember, it’s not necessary to pay for everyone and to pay for everything.
There are only certain things that you should pay for, for certain people.
Things like group deals will help to save you and your guests a little extra
cash, and paying for certain people that don’t have to go (like those who
don’t have familial or friendship ties) will give them incentive to go!

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