Destination Wedding: Where & How to Get Group Discount Rates

As we’ve seen, there’s a lot of [preplanning](
/destination-wedding-preplan-everything), scheduling, and traveling involved
when it comes to planning a destination wedding. We’ve taken a look at a lot,
from [wedding attire](
and [invitations](
invitations) to [marriage requirements](
/destination-wedding-marriage-requirements) and
[expenses]( Today,
we’re going to take a look at how and where to get group discount rates for
traveling. So, get your pen and paper (or tablet!) and get ready to jot down a
few places where you can get group discounts!

Airlines by Gunnar Kullenberg

**Group Rates for
Airfare:** If you’re traveling out of the state or country, than finding
affordable and inexpensive plane tickets is important. By looking at the right
time and the right place, you can really save a few pennies. Here are a few
tips and places for you to consider:

* **Where to Look:** There are a lot of different websites you can look when shopping around for tickets. For example, you can check out websites such as:
* Expedia: You can [visit their website](!p.ZzZz.2520000116875.0.5377052781.where%20can%20you%20look%20for%20discount%20airfare%3F.+discount_+airfare&utm_source=bing&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=USA:ENG:USA:GT:@::&utm_term=+discount%20+airfare&gclid=CPjGxeCL3cMCFbBR7Aody0IANQ&gclsrc=ds) and preplan all of your traveling and even your hotel stays. You can choose how many people will be traveling with you, and even what airline you prefer.
* Orbitz: [Orbitz]( is pretty much the same as Expedia – you can choose what airline you want, how many people, and all of your traveling/hotel preferences.
* Kayak: [Kayak is another website]( where you can find inexpensive airline tickets. They don’t have as many options as Orbitz and Expedia, but you can definitely still find great prices.
* **When to Look and When to Fly:** As with anything, there’s a time for everything, especially when it comes to purchasing airline tickets. Here are a few tips:
* Tuesday’s are the best days to find cheaper airline tickets, because Monday evening is when the airlines post new prices.
* Unfortunately, the cheapest days to fly are also the most unpopular. The most unpopular and cheapest days to fly are Saturdays, Mondays, and Wednesdays.
* The early bird gets the worm when it comes to airlines. The early flights, such as 4 am, is when the cheaper flights head out. It’s inconvenient, but worth it in the end if you can save a lot of money.
* [Book 18-28 days]( before you plan on leaving, since that’s usually when your tickets will be cheaper
**Group Rates for Hotels:** Group rates for hotels can be easier to find with websites such as helping you out. Find hotels that are relatively close to where your venue is for easy access, and then see what deals they have. Also, most hotels have what’s called a room block. This is great for those of you who will need more than 9 rooms. Now that we’ve taken a look at when to book both your airline tickets and how to book your hotel rooms, you should be feeling pretty confident and prepared! Just remember to consistently and constantly shop online for good deals, book flights at least 28 days prior to your wedding day, and “room block” at hotels for cheaper rates.

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