Destination Wedding: Marriage Requirements

If you’re getting married overseas or on a cruise ship, then you will have to
take a few extra steps in order to get legally married. For those of you
looking at [getting married on a cruise ship or in another
country](, than here are a few
things that you’ll need to do!

Carnival Cruise by Edward Weston

**Marriage Requirements for A Cruise Wedding:** From the officiant to the legal processes, there are a ton of different steps to take. First, we’ll go ahead and look at the requirements for a cruise wedding.

* **The Officiant:** In order to get legally married, than there are only specific cruise ships and locations that you can do so. For example, with [Carnival](, in certain locations such as New Orleans or California your ceremony will be officiated by a Minister. If you’re traveling to Cozumel, than your marriage will be officiated by a Judge.
* **Where Do You Get Married?** When you’re on a cruise ship, you will get married at port _before_ you take off. Unfortunately, you can’t get married while sailing along the beautiful crystal waters, but getting married at port isn’t so bad! All the celebrating can be done while sailing, so no fun is lost!
* **What location is the Marriage Ceremony Hosted?** A lot of cruises have a few different room locations for you to choose from depending on what size your wedding party is.
* **Licensing Information:** In order to receive your marriage license, you will need to retrieve one from the location where the wedding will be hosted. If you and your fiancé are getting married in Cozumel for example, than you will need to get a license from there. Look up the specific steps needed in order to get your marriage license. Also, d_efinitely_ make sure that your country and jurisdiction accepts a marriage license from a different jurisdiction.
**Marriage Requirements for a Wedding Abroad:** Now that we’ve taken a gander at the requirements for a cruise wedding, let’s take a delve into the requirements of a foreign country wedding:

* **The Officiant: **Due to the fact that the marriage will be performed outside of state lines, the marriage cannot be performed by a US officiant. The marriage has to be performed by someone who is a resident of the country you are getting married in.
* **What is Required?** In some countries and locations, having [an affidavit is required]( to become legally married. For example, you may need a statement with your signature stating that yes, you and your spouse are eligible to get married. Talk to your wedding coordinator and go to your local courthouse to make sure all your ducks are in a row.
* **Is Residency Required?** In some cases, yes, you have to become a “resident” of a country in order to be legally married there. Make sure to do your homework – you and your spouse will need to look and see how long you need to be in a certain area before the nuptials are performed.
* **Who Should You Contact for Legal Information?** When it comes to legal steps, you should contact the Attorney General Office where you live in order to see what all you need.
There are a lot of steps you have to take in order to get legally married
outside of the United States, but if it’s something you’ve always wanted to
do, than definitely go for it!

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