Destination Wedding: Save the Dates and Invitations

Because destination weddings are a little more, shall we say, exclusive and
extravagant, preparing your guests ahead of time is decent destination wedding
etiquette. You will want to make sure that your guests are well prepared so
they can take the necessary time off and save up the money for a vacation of a
life time! So, in order to prepare your guests, make sure to send out your
save-the-dates, invites, and so on well in advance!

Wedding Invitation by Sarah Parrott

**Save-The-Date Invitations: **For those who get married close to home, it’s
usual to send save-the-dates out at least three months in advance. But, like
we’ve briefly discussed, because destination weddings tend to cost a whole lot
more than your regular weddings, you will want to send out your save the dates
as soon as you have all your ducks in a row – as soon as you know _when_ and
_where _your wedding will take place, send out the save the dates. A year in
advance is a good rule of thumb. The sooner, the better. **Wedding
Invitations:** Like save the dates, wedding invitations are sent out just a
few weeks before the actual nuptials take place. But, like I said before,
because destination weddings are extravagant, than you will want to send your
wedding invites at least 2 months, if not 3 months in advance. This will give
your guests a good reminder and the ability to plan even more accordingly.
Now that we’ve taken a look at deadlines for invitations, let’s take a look at
wording etiquette. Destination weddings are expensive, and a lot of your
invitees may not be able to afford such an extravagant rendezvous. So in order
to prevent any awkward denials, make sure to word your invite so your guests
don’t feel pressured to go. Also, word it to where your guests don’t feel as
if you’re inviting them out of courtesy only – don’t overdo the “you don’t
have to come if you can’t” wording. So, here are a few wording tips for you to
consider. **Invitation Wording: **With destination wedding invitations, you
want to give as much information as possible, in a fun way! Another tip – in
the invitation, include packets and all the information they need for plane
tickets, hotel rooms, cruise info, and the like. The more information, the
better. Ok, as far as wording goes, here are a couple examples:

* “Escape to paradise with us! We’re saying ‘I Do’ at the Beach Palace in Cancun, Mexico on…”
* “Sunlight showers the Tiffany Sea, just as you shower us with your unconditional love. Please join us (your names here) for our special day in…
We’ve got the low-down now on deadlines, etiquette, and wording, you can go on
confidently! Just a few things to remember – send out your invites well in
advance, word it properly, give a lot of information, and enjoy the rest of
your planning! Happy planning!

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