Destination Wedding

Think dancing waves kissing the side of a gliding cruise ship, the sounds of
singing birds, whispering waves, and island music serenading you and your
guests in musical and nature filled bliss. Think of a distant country, and
days filled with family, friends, and unique foods, beverages, and music. A
destination wedding is not only fun, but it’s a once in a life time experience
you can have with all of your closest friends and family members! For those of
you wanting to get married on a cruise ship or in a different country, here
are a few tips and important facts for you to keep in mind! Throughout the
next few blog posts, we’ll be delving deeper into the topics we’ll be going
over briefly in this blog post. So, prepare yourself for one of the best
vacations you’ll ever have!

Wedding on a Cruise Ship by Southern WI

**Timing Is Everything:**
The one thing you really have to keep in mind is the weather and timing.
Unlike the freedom of having a wedding here in your hometown, you have to plan
ahead and schedule it for the perfect time of month and the right season. You
can’t get married at just any time if you want to have a picture perfect
destination wedding. Also keep in mind that the perfect time of year for a
cruise is also the perfect time for tourists – you’ll be competing for space
on a cruise ship, something you wouldn’t usually have to factor in.
**Destination Expenses:** If you’re on a budget, than a destination wedding
probably isn’t a perfect choice. You have a lot of extra expenses, such as
paying some people’s ways (like a photographer, beautician, musicians, and
maybe even some family members) as well as other expenses. For a destination
wedding, think _small_ guest list. **Marriage Requirements:** Destination
weddings are a little tricky – you have to figure out what steps you have to
take in order to get legally married. If you’re not getting married in the
States, than you have to jump through extra hoops, such as residency
requirements and such. **Early Save the Dates:** With a destination wedding,
you want to let all of your guests know way, way, _way_ ahead of time. Your
usual 2-3 month save the date send out timeline won’t work for a destination
wedding. Also, be prepared for people to gracefully decline; it’s expensive to
go on a trip, so be prepared for a lot of people to gracefully bow out.
**Wedding Attire:** Have fun with this part of the planning – dress the part!
If you’re getting married on an island, than find the perfect dresses and
men’s attire to fit the part. This could be a really fun shopping experience!
**Preplan Everything**: This is super important – you’ll want to preplan and
have everything set up as soon as you get your attending guest list. Make sure
everyone knows where to go, what time to get there, and so on. Shop for group
rates for hotels, the cruise, and everything else you can think of. **Visit
Your Destination:** If you’re getting married on an island or in a different
country, than this is super important. You can’t really plan if you don’t know
exactly what everything looks like. Pictures only tell so much, so if you can,
try to go at least once or twice. Now that we’ve got a general idea of what
_some_ of the requirements look like, get ready to delve in deeper these next
few days! And remember, enjoy every moment of every part of the planning

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