DIY Cake Stands

_And the [DIY]( continues…_ This
weekend, I finished up one of the projects I was really excited about — my
DIY cake stands!

I originally saw this idea
mentioned on [Pizzazzerie](
inspiration/) and have been pretty smitten with the idea ever since. After
all, I’ve swooned over [Rosanna cake stands](
/daily-delight-rosanna), but I really just couldn’t bring myself to spend all
that money. Instead, these past few weeks I’ve been hunting for supplies and
assembling these beauties. All in all, three cake stands cost me about $50
total to create. And _(in theory)_, they were pretty easy to make and

> [SIDE NOTE: First try through, I did coat number 1 in matte finish spray
paint, but coat 2 in glossy finish. Bad call. Coat number 2 cracked as soon as
it dried, and I then had to use paint stripper — which is a super intense
chemical — and remove all the paint and start over. Needless to say, this
project was a little more time-consuming than I planned. Choose your spray
paint wisely.]

But yeah, easy to assemble ; ) **If you’re thinking of making your own
gorgeous little cake stands, here’s how I did it…** First, I started with a
few key supplies:

* Candle stick holders — I found mine at HomeGoods and Ross for $6-9 a piece.
* Plates — The large one is from HomeGoods ($15) and the smaller ones were from Walmart ($1.50/each). I also happened to see plates at the Dollar Tree after the fact that would have worked.
* Spray paint
* Gorilla Glue
* Gloves — I hear Gorilla Glue is a nightmare if you get it on your skin.
* Heavy book(s)

Then, I began to assemble like so…

1. I took the candle stick holders outside and spray painted them. Because the ones I chose had lots of ridges, I flipped them over half-way through to make sure I got the paint in all the cracks. Be sure to cover the surface you’re painting on!

2. Once dry, I brought the candle stick holders back inside to glue them to my plates. Following the instructions on the Gorilla Glue packaging, I affixed the candle stick holders and the plates, put heavy books on top to hold it tight, and let it sit for a few hours.

3. Because of my first spray paint mishap, I waited a full week to do the final step — adding another coat of spray paint, this time to the whole stand. I placed the cake stands face down (spray paint is not food-friendly) and painted the candle stick holders and the bottom of the plates, thus making it look like one nearly seamless piece. Because the edges of my larger, square plate came up a bit in some areas (guess that’s why it was at HomeGoods), I then used fine sandpaper to sand any paint that went too far onto the top of the plate.

And voila! Cake stands! Now I just can’t wait to put these beauties on my
dessert tables. The larger stand is for Michael’s 3-tiered rice crispy treat
groom’s cake, and the 2 smaller stands are for some delicious Italian cookies
that my grandmother is bringing down from Jersey!

And once the wedding is over, I’m going to re-spray paint these babies red so
they match my kitchen! Gotta love items you can recycle!

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