{DIY} Ombre Hair

We’ve written a lot around here about the ombre trend in wedding decor and
bridal style, but what about the semi-recent trend in ombre hair? I personally
have loved this trend for a while, and this weekend, I finally took the plunge
and colored my own dark brown hair ombre red! I was pleasantly surprised to
find how easy it is to do, so I couldn’t help but share. Whether you want
ombre hair for your big day or just for your regular life, it’s a fun trend to
rock! Here’s my end result…

**Ready to learn how to do it
yourself?** You’ll need your hair color of choice. I found a great tutorial on
how to dye dark hair red without bleach, so if you’re going a similar
direction as me, check that out on [Sparkling Beauty 17’s
hair.html). Once your dyes all mixed and ready to go, you’ll want to mentally
section your hair into three sections — the roots that will remain your
natural color, what I’m calling “the fade,” and the ends, which will get the
most color. Here’s a handy diagram to help…

### Here’s how to create the ombre effect with your dye:

1. Cover the ends in dye per the instructions on the dye you’re using. Be sure to cover it well. Wait 30 minutes.
2. After 30 minutes, apply dye to “the fade” section. You can rub dye back down over the ends if you want. Wait an additional 20-30 minutes.
3. Rinse.
Since the color sits for a shorter time on the fade, the color has less time
to absorb, making it a little closer to your original color. Easy enough,

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