DIY Save The Dates

Save the dates are marvelous for many reasons – you have the ability to give your guests a notice well in advance, it sets the date in stone, and it prepares you for the next step, the invitations. Now, for those of you who want to save a few pennies, there are a few ways of going about it, one being DIY save the dates!As I was scrolling through my Microsoft Word menu, I noticed a template for save the dates! How convenient! So, I went ahead and started playing around with it to see what I could come up with. Not only was it easy, but the result was professional, easy, and free! So, here are a few ideas that include Microsoft Word and a few great websites!

Microsoft Word: For those of you with an updated version of Microsoft Word (Microsoft 2013) than these directions will be easier for you to follow. For those of you who have older versions, I’m sure the directions are similar, but you may have to dig a little deeper to do the same thing. Let’s get started!

Shutterfly: This is a really popular website that many brides (including my wonderful friend!) has used and the save the dates always come out fabulously. On this website, you can upload your own photos, design the cards however you want, order, and print! This allows you to make and design the invitation however you want, giving you the freedom to make it as personal and detailed as you want.

Vistaprint: This is another great website where you can not only make your save the dates, but you can also create your invitations. Make sure (with both websites) you know exactly how many cards you need, and then order 3 or 4 extra, just in case you forgot someone or wanted to add someone to your guest list.

Tinyprints: This is another website where you can create your own invitations with some of the pre-designed templates that they have. You don’t have quite as much designing freedom, but the templates they do have are wonderful and gorgeous, so no worries about attraction and style here! These are just four of many different ways you can create your own invitations! If you have any other invitation ideas, be sure to leave an idea in the comments section! Any and all ideas are appreciated, loved, and definitely considered!

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