DIY “Tears of Joy” Tissue Packets

It’s inevitable: people are
going to cry at your wedding. _You_ might even cry at your wedding, so you
might as well be prepared by providing tissues for your guests. Of course, you
could just put out tissue boxes, OR you could get creative and make these
adorable “tears of joy” tissue packets! They’re easy to make and super cute. I
actually got the idea from a fellow bride that I met online: Sandy of event
rental company [Simply Sandy]( _(stay tuned for
a Meet My Vendors post coming soon)_.

**To create this cute and easy DIY project,** I started with Martha Stewart Eyelet Confetti Pouches _(just a few dollars for a pack of 20 from Walmart)_ and some tissues. Then, I opened each pouch, threw out the confetti _(you could also save it to use it somewhere else in your wedding)_, and folded two tissues to fit in each pouch. When all the packets were stuffed, I printed a sheet of “Tears of Joy” tags, cut them using a scrapbooking hole punch from Jo-Ann, and pasted them on pink and brown cardstock before using double-stick tape to stick each “label” to each packet. For display purposes, I also printed a cute little sign to explain the packets at the ceremony and put all the packets in a basket._ Ta da! _Easy, cute and very useful for such an emotional day! I even caught Michael with a few in his jacket pocket 😉

_[First & last photos by [Jennie Andrews Photography](]_

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