The DIY Wedding

There are so many reasons to design your own wedding, and with the endless creative (and easy!) ideas out there, you don’t have to be a craft queen to be successful in the DIY wedding approach. Many brides-to-be are on the fence about adding hand-crafted, personalized touches to their big day, afraid that their best efforts will wind up being flops. Luckily, I have created a list of reasons to say YES to creating your own DIY wedding: 1) It will save you money. Ordering 200 adorable, premade favor boxes online is tempting, but it’s also unnecessary when planning a wedding on a budget. If you love a particular style, look for similar do-it-yourself options. When you go for premade, you’re often paying for convenience, not quality. So do a price check on the materials you will need, compare that price with the premade option, and get busy creating! These easy-to-assemble cookie favors are simply wrapped with brown paper & tied with twine. Add a stamped tag for a beautifully personalized touch:

Homemade Cookie Favors by Christie O

2) You get all the glory. By creating your own centerpieces, décor, bouquets, favors, etc., you will be able to stand in awe on the day of your wedding and say, “I did this!” There is nothing more satisfying than basking in a room full of beautiful things you created. The feeling: Priceless. 3) You can tweak it to perfection. If you go to the store (or go online) to find something special for your wedding, chances are you’ll have to settle. You may love a specific type of favor or seating card, but what if the shades available don’t mesh with your color scheme? Make your own! This is a simple seating card idea you can easily recreate:

Seating Cards by Amie Fedora

4) It is the perfect excuse for a wine night. Invite your bridal party over to help you assemble your DIY wedding centerpieces or decorations. Simply show them how you want them to look, and everyone can pitch in to save you lots of time. After the DIY fest, pop some popcorn and watch wedding movies all night long. It will be the most productive girls’ night ever! Centerpieces aren’t always about the flowers:

Centerpiece by OhSoHappyTogether

If you want a truly customized wedding, the DIY route is the way to go. No bride wants a cookie-cutter wedding. Make yours stand out by getting creative. Your wedding day will be one of a kind.

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