Dressing Your Groom

We’ve talked a lot about the bride’s attire, as well as the bridesmaids and
flower girl look. But what about the groom and his faithful lads? Their attire
is just as important as the bride’s and the bridesmaid! Picking out the
perfect look that compliments both you as the bride and your wedding theme is
important, so make sure you know exactly what you want! Here are a few
fabulous ideas grouped together by wedding style! **Country:** This is my
favorite style, by far. My husband and his groomsmen were all dressed in
western attire, and they looked fit to kill! Here are a few different style
ideas you can choose from!

* You can go with the all-out western attire by decking the groom and his groomsmen in:
* Jeans- black or blue
* Vest- Choose one of your wedding colors!
* Boots- black or brown (make sure that all the men wear the same color boots!)
* Hat
* Tie
* Or you can go with a different western look such as:
* Jeans- black or blue
* Long button up cotton shirt
* Bolo tie (my personal favorite!)
* Boots- again, black or brown
* Here’s a fancier western look:
* Slacks- brown, tan, black, cream… any neutral color, really!
* Jacket
* Bolo
* Hat
* Boots

{{> caption image=’https://farm7.staticflickr.com/6123/5951665591_749b332618_z.jpg’ caption=’Western Groom Attire by Tammy McGary’ link=’https://www.flickr.com/photos/47152453@N07/5951665591′}}

**Vintage:** This is the runner-up when it comes to my favorite
grooms/groomsmen attire! Here are a few style options:

* This is a classic Vintage, laid back look:
* Slacks
* Long Sleeves
* Suspenders (my favorite part!)
* Flat Caps
* Leather dress shoes
* Yet another vintage look, but with a fancier twist:
* Slacks (you can go all out colorful, or keep it the true vintage look by going with tans or creams)
* Jacket
* Leather dress shoes
* Bow
**Classic:** When you think classic, you think tuxedos, champagne, jazz music, and ball gowns. If you’re going fancy, here are a few grooms/groomsmen style choices!

* For the classically classic look, try:
* Black tuxedo
* Black leather shoes
* Tie
* Another classic look includes:
* White jacket
* White slacks
* Black leather shoes
* Bow
**Beachy:** When you think beach, you think laid back, fun in the sun, sand between your toes, a romantic sunset, and super light clothes. Here are a few great beachy style options for your groom and his men!

* For the classic Beach attire, try:
* Shorts
* Rolled up long sleeves
* Sun glasses (of course!)
* For a fancier beach look, try:
* Slacks
* White Shirt
* Jacket (or vest)
* tie
From sexy southern to classically handsome, there are a ton of different style
options that you can choose from when it comes to dressing your man and his
lads! Choose the one that best suits your wedding style and go from there! OH
– and don’t forget the accessories!

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