Emergency Kit 101

Talk about rush, worry, hurry, and stress; your wedding day is not only the
most beautiful, glorious, and most fabulous day in the whole year, but it’s
also one of the most stressful days as well. One way to help lessen the stress
is to make sure you and your bridesmaids are well prepared for anything. From
sore feet to faded lipstick, making sure you have what it takes to freshen up
is important! Here are a few must-haves you and your bridesmaids should keep
on you at all times!

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**Makeup:** This is the biggest no brainer of
all the emergency kit essentials. You don’t need your whole makeup bag, but
you do need a few essentials, such as:

* Foundation: Liquid or powder. Powder is great for getting rid of a sweaty, greasy look.
* Blush
* Lipstick/gloss
**Hygiene:** You don’t think about little things such as tic-tacs or Q-tips, but those things are really important! You want yourself and your bridesmaids to be as prim, perfect, and gorgeous as possible, so make sure you have:

* Deodorant: Make sure you use “little black dress”, [stain free deodorant](http://theplungeproject.com/?s=emergency+kit), especially if your dresses are darker.
* Mini Tooth Brush: Those Scope tooth brushes are the greatest thing since sliced bread!
* Perfume
* Tampons: A definite must! Also, make sure you have a box of pads too.
* Razors
* Q-tips: Cotton balls, tissues, and oil removing makeup pads are a couple other essentials.
**Beauty:** Keep your tresses flowing beautifully and your nails looking pristine! Here are [a few beauty essentials](http://www.stylemepretty.com/little-black-book-blog/2013/08/21/wedding-day-emergency-kit-checklist-from-kristin-banta-events/) that you definitely need to keep on hand!

* Bobby Pins: You seriously can’t have enough of these!
* Hair Ties: Again, these are one of the most important hair accessories to keep with you!
* Hair Spray
* Hair Brush with Mirror: You can find these at the dollar store. They’re cheap, but they’re great for emergency needs!
* Nail Polish: You always want to keep an extra bottle of nail polish and nail polish remover. Everybody smudges or cracks their nail polish when it’s least convenient!
**First Aid:** From scratches to allergies, you’ll want to keep a few essential items such as:

* Band Aid: Skin tone, of course. No Disney character band aids!
* Neosporin
* Tylenol: That, or Motrin. Just make sure you bring pain/fever/headache reducers.
* Allergy Meds: You definitely want to make sure you get daytime, NON-DROWSY allergy medicine. That means no adult Benadryl! No sleepy bride or bridesmaids allowed!
* Blister Repair: For those sore feet, this is the greatest salve.
**Comfort/Clothing:** From ripped pantyhose to shoe pads, you’ll want to make sure you and your bridesmaids are well stocked for oopsies!

* Shoe pads: Dr. Scholl’s are a must have!
* Pantyhose: Everyone gets a run when extra pantyhose are nowhere to be found…
* Panties & a bra
* Ballet Flats: If you and your bridesmaids are wearing heels, you’ll want to bring comfy alternatives. Sandals or ballet flats are perfect.
Make sure you and your bridesmaids are properly stocked for emergencies! From
lipstick to Tylenol, you and your bridesmaids need to be well prepared!

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