Emergency Kit for the Groom and Groomsmen

When we think bridal emergency kits, we automatically think lipstick, nail
polish, and tampons. Well, what about the groom and his lads? Just as
importantly as an extra pair of pantyhose is for us ladies, the lads need
extras too! Help keep your wedding day stress, worry, and panic-free by making
sure you have this mini emergency kit for the guys too!

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**The Grooms Emergency Kit
List:** You don’t think about it, but what about having an extra set of
razors, socks, and deodorant? Yep, your groom definitely needs a few of these
musts, so make sure you’re both prepared by taking a gander at this list!

* **Clothing:** Instead of pantyhose and ballet slippers, your groom will need extras like:
* **Socks-** Make sure you have the right color, style, and size. Black is a good go-to in emergency cases.
* **Shoe Polish:** If your groom is anything like my hubby, than you’ll need shoe polish! He likes to keep his shoes looking snazzy, but my Cowboy always finds a way to add a little dirt and dust to his boots…
* **Extras:** You’ll need extras like cufflinks, buttons, and corsage pins. Having a sewing kit is a good idea!
* **Smell Goods:** You want your man to smell sexy, so make sure he has an extra can or stick of deodorant and your favorite cologne. Let his cologne wrap you in a cloud of manly deliciousness as you take that first kiss as husband and wife!
* **Medical:** From cuts to headaches, making sure you have the necessary items to “cure” these issues is important! Make sure to bring a few of these things for BOTH you and your man!
* **Aspirin/Ibuprofen:** Stress tends to partner with headaches, so make sure you have a headache combatant.
* **Tissues:** If you’re getting married during allergy season, these will definitely come in handy.
* **Toothbrush:** Again, those mini Colgate toothbrushes that come pre-toothpasted are excellent. Fresh breath = a great kiss!
* **Extra Contacts:** This is a must! You want your groom to be able to see you perfectly as you waltz in a rhythm of ecstatic grace down the matrimonial aisle!
* **Sunscreen:** Sunburns aren’t on the guest list, so make sure you bring a high SPF sunscreen if your wedding and reception are outside.
* **Extra Extras**: These are the no-brainer things that everyone forgets on a busy, nerve-wracking day! Make sure you have these with you!
* **Cell Phone**: Please turn your phone on silent and give it to a family member or friend in the audience…
* **Wallet**: This includes everything, from extra cash to your license and passport!
* **Camera**: You want to take as many pictures as possible on your honeymoon, so make sure to bring a camera!
* **Directions**: Make sure you have the address to both your hotel for the night and the honeymoon destination. You want to make sure you get to the right place!
It’s the little things that make a big difference, so make sure you and your
groom are ready for any emergency! From band aids to extra (matching!) socks,
you’ll be ready for any oops should one come up!

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