Engagement Ring Trends by City

This week, I got a pitch on behalf of James Allen - a global luxury jeweler that specializes in diamonds, engagement rings and high end jewelry – that I thought was quite interesting. Did you know that your engagement ring choice might be related to where you live (or in my case, where you’re from)?

As a Jersey girl who’s lived in Tennessee for the past nine years, I was interested to see that I’m rocking an engagement ring that’s right on par with what most New York City girls wear. How about you?

New York City

In New York City, the engagement ring trend is a solitaire setting with a larger, high-quality diamond.  In such an expensive city, New Yorkers also spend the most on their engagement rings – more than twice that of Middle America.  The emphasis is often on a Round or Cushion Cut center diamond of excellent quality (colorless, VS2+) without too much in the way of adornment.  Clean lines, high quality and high price – that’s a New York engagement ring!


Miami leans towards the most “bling” for their buck, spending nearly half as much as New York, but still getting lots of sizzle by purchasing rings dripping with pave diamonds.  In order to keep things in budget, the folks of Miami often have smaller center diamonds, or center diamonds that are not has high in color or clarity (but still perfectly clear G/H color and free of any visible inclusion SI clarity). Round diamonds are popular here as well, although Miami also loves the Princess Cut – a square shaped diamond that’s been selling incredibly well for over twenty years.


They say everything is bigger in Texas, and that’s true in at least one city: Dallas.   With modestly flashy pave bands and a larger center diamond of solid quality, folks in Dallas are also willing to spend big money on big diamonds, matching Los Angeles and coming close to New York City in how much they spend on their baubles.  Simple country style without worrying over budget - welcome to Dallas.

Los Angeles

Los Angeles is the home of Hollywood glamour and looking at the engagement rings, that’s clear when you examining popular engagement rings. With budgets as big as New York, the City of Angels relishes in elegant and unique bridal designs.  Over-the-top rings made with Rounds, Pear Shapes, Emerald Cuts and Cushions feel right at home in this city of celebrities.


Right in the middle of the country, Chicago gets back to basics with moderately priced rings of good to very good quality and more classic ring styles.  Elegant channel set designs, for example, do very well in the Midwest and offer an affordable way to accent a Round or Princess Cut center diamond.

So…which city do you share your engagement ring tastes with?

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  1. Lexi
    April 22, 2013 at 11:28 pm (2 years ago)

    The Chicago engagement ring is fabulous! I don’t mind if I get one of those from the boyf, it’ll be a hundred times yes, hahahah!


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