{Fab Friday Finds} Holiday Gift Wrap Inspiration

Can you believe Christmas is next weekend?! That’s right, I said next weekend! It definitely snuck up on me, and since I’m hand-making lots of gifts this year, I have a busy weekend ahead of me.

Thanks to Pinterest, I’ve been getting lots of really great ideas for creative and cute gift wrap this year, so I wanted to go ahead and share some of that inspiration with all my fellow procrastinators out there who still need to wrap (and maybe even buy/make) gifts. Enjoy!

1. Monogram Gifts — Instead of going with the more traditional gift tag, take this idea from Martha, and monogram your gifts! When the gifts are piled up under your tree, they’ll have a really great look.

2. Think Beyond Paper — Nabbing this idea from Unruly Things, forgo wrapping paper altogether, and opt for fabric instead!

3. Get Creative with Gift Decor — This idea as seen on Apartment Therapy uses plain paper and a handful of free paint swatches from your local hardware store. Attach them to string with a bit of glue, and you’re ready to wrap things up.

4. Focus on the Bow — Who doesn’t love a good bow? It can really add pizzazz to any gift, regardless of the paper! Luckily, WhipperBerry has a great tutorial on creating these beauties!

What other great gift wrap ideas have you seen? I’d love to take a look!

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