{Fab Friday Finds} Things for Baby

Lately, it seems like half the people I’ve met through my life are pregnant or recent parents, and while Michael and I aren’t planning to have any of our own for a few more years, we do have a darling new nephew in our lives! That’s right, my brother and his fiance welcomed their first son, Vinny, into the world back in July, so I’ve been finding little ways to spoil him…and I thought, why not dedicate a {Fab Friday Finds} to some adorable little baby items I’ve discovered?!

1. Knitted Hats. I seriously died when I laid eyes on this adorable crochet baby sock monkey hat on KnitnutbyJL’s Shop on Etsy…and then I ordered one ;) I’m still awaiting the arrival of Vinny’s new winter hat, but I didn’t wanna miss out on sharing this darling creation with all you parents, aunts, uncles, grandparents, etc. out there!

2. Nursery Decor. I feel like decorating a nursery will be one of the most fun things to do in anticipation for baby, so I adore these vinyl wall decals in the Expressing You Etsy Shop!

3. Crib Mobiles. While I’m on the topic of nursery decor, can we please talk about how cute this owl crib mobile is?! There are tons more over at Drops of Color on Etsy, so take a look!

What other great items have you found for baby?

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