Fabulously Fun Wedding Games!

From cornhole to mad lib marriage advice, you can really amp up the “fun” at
your wedding reception. From jiggy dance moves to hilarious wedding advice,
you can really give your guests (and you!) something to remember! There are
_tons_ of different, enjoyable wedding games that you could incorporate in
your reception time frame, so do your research and choose the ones that seem
most appealing to you! **Indoor Games:** If your reception is inside, you
obviously want to choose indoor-friendly activities. Some game ideas include:

* **Mad-Lib Wedding:** This game is awesome for a funny twist to the made lib game. Incorporate wedding-themed sentences and then let your guests fill in the blanks! This will create lots of laughter for both you and the mad-libbers!
* **Anniversary Advice:** If you have numbered tables, this is a great game for you! At each table, have your guests write a word of advice for you to read on your coordinating wedding anniversary. For example, guests at table 5 would write advice for you to read on your 5th anniversary.
* **The Shoe Game:** My husband and I played this game out our wedding and it was so much fun! It had both of us and all the guests rolling with laughter. From goofy to romantic, you can select various types of questions for your DJ to ask. For example, a few questions include:
* Who made the first move?
* Who’s the spendthrift in the relationship?
* Who’s routinely the late one?
* Who’s most likely to get lost? (Unfortunately, we both raised my boot to this question!)
* Who dresses better?

Bride & Groom Shoe Game by Anthony Carpenter

**Outdoor Games:** Try for a few fun and exciting games,
ones that get people up and moving around. For example, a couple great games
to consider include:

* **Yard Cornhole:** Make it wedding themed by incorporating your wedding colors, putting you and your spouse’s silhouette on the boards, or by painting wedding bands on the board. Make it personal and get creative!
* **Ring Toss:** This is a fabulous game for weddings. You could have a lot of fun with this one by turning the “rings” into wedding rings by adding a wooden diamond to them. Personalize and have fun!
With a few fabulous wedding games, you can really spice up the atmosphere!
From dancing and cornhole to mad-lib and shoe games, you’ll have your guests
enjoying every minute of your wedding!

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