A Fail-Free Guide to the Perfect Maid of Honor Speech

You’re the maid of honor; therefore, you’re responsible for standing in front of _all_ those guests to give a speech. Terrifying, right? I know what you mean. As the maid of honor in my best friend’s wedding, I was given the terrifying honor of well-wishing too. No pressure, right? Well, here are just a few tips for you ladies in the same boat as me to help the process go smoothly and easily!

Maid of Honor Speech by Ashley

**Tips:** Ok, let’s be honest here for just a moment – this is **_not_** the time to spill the beans on any private stories, get happy-drunk, or write a mini-book. This is a great opportunity to be short, sweet, and to the point. Here are a few easy tips to follow to keep it memorable!

* **Plan Ahead:** There aren’t many of us who can have a fabulous fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants speech. If you want it to go smoothly, have meaning, and be memorable in a _good_ way, write your speech out ahead of time. And practice. Honestly, the saying “practice makes perfect” is true in this case. So – write it ahead of time and practice, practice, practice!
* **Be Careful & Considerate:** Like I said, this is not the time to mention the bride’s ex-boyfriends, or need-to-be-forgotten mishaps. This is a time to glorify the bride and her relationship with her new hubby. Don’t make an enemy because of your speech. Also, avoid crude humor; this isn’t the occasion for that.
* **Make it Funny:** You’re both going to be crying (I know I will be), so lighten the mood with clean humor. Tell a short, funny story that’s appropriate and light. Everyone enjoys a good laugh!
* **Time It:** Like I said previously, this is not the time to have a two hour speech going on and on… people are hungry and ready for a good time filled with dancing, chatting, and eating! You can say a lot in 5 minutes or less – trust me.
* **Use Props:** This is an adorable way to make your speech memorable. Use little props to make your points hit home. For example, if your bride is routinely late to places, have a clock or watch with you. Once your speech is over, give the props to the groom. He’ll appreciate it, and it’ll make your speech go smoother.
Remember, this isn’t a time to drag on about inappropriate shenanigans or make a speech that you didn’t prepare for. Make it light, short, sweet, and to the point!

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